Yet Another Nightclub Shooting

The Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting

nightclub shooting

You go to the club looking like a million bucks knowing that you’re going to have a few drinks, dance a little and vibe with the atmosphere in a good way. Only that never happens. Instead, you find yourself in the middle of a nightclub shooting.

You hear the loud gunshots over the music. You’re wondering which direction it’s coming from and how you can get out of the line of fire. And while you’re doing that, there’s a stampede of people with the same thoughts trampling over others just to get out of the building.

That’s what happened at the Cameo Club in Cincinnati early Sunday morning. So far, one person was declared dead and 15 others hurt after injuries from the nightclub shooting.

This was totally avoidable

Although metal detectors were available and in use, a witness claimed that he saw several people enter through the “no-check fast lane” by paying extra money. Therefore security was not fully doing it’s job to make sure that weapons were not entering the premises and securing the club-goers safety.

What to do in this situation

  • Never go to a nightclub or bar that has a history of shadiness or violence. It’s no different from an active volcano, you never know when it will erupt.
  • Know where ALL of the exits are in the building. You may not be able to get out through the front.
  • If you notice that security is not checking everyone that comes through the line, that is a red flag. Decide whether the risk is worth it to you.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you. If someone starts arguing, don’t pull out your phone and start recording. Use that opportunity to move to another location, preferably close to an exit.
  • Ducking and taking cover is a natural reaction when gunshots are heard inside of a building. Do not be the odd ball that wants to see where it’s coming from before you take cover. The bullet just may be quicker than your eyes and could be coming from several directions if there’s more than one active shooter. If you need to walk to get to safety, do so as low as possible.
  • If you’re extremely drunk then hopefully you’re at least able to get down and stay there.

Be assured that most nightclubs are safe and a good place to mingle and have a good time. Knowing what to do just in case makes you that much safer!

What are some other ways people can be safe while in nightclubs/bars? 





6 thoughts on “Yet Another Nightclub Shooting

  1. Good post Tasha. I don’t go to clubs (big surprise right?!) but I do go to music venues in ballrooms and converted dancehalls quite often. Even if it is a quieter type of performance, because the places are usually dark, I always take a moment to see where the exits are. I think this is the most important point you make. Whether a shooting, or a fire, or assault, being in a large room like that warrants figuring that out beforehand.

  2. This so sad, especially since it could’ve been avoided as you mentioned:( There was a metal detector and everything, but because some people wanted to make a little extra cash they had the “fast lane”. Breaks my heart that it cost someone’s life and hope more people take your great words of advice to reduce the chances of something like this happening again.

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