Would Your Child Know What To Do During A Home Invasion?

A 12-year-old in Scottsdale, AZ is home alone when he hears someone knocking on the back door. Suddenly, the knocking turns into forceful entry. The boy is on the phone with dispatch fearfully explaining what is taking place. As he barely whispers to the operator that they’re in the room with him, one of the robbers opens the closet door where he was hiding. He then begs dispatch “what do I do? What do I do?”

The criminals ran and were arrested by police who were waiting outside. The boy was not physically harmed.

A home invasion is pretty scary and quite traumatizing for a child. If you regularly leave your child home alone please keep these tips in mind.

1. Make sure they have a phone


Although most kids have cell phones these days it’s really important to make sure that they keep it charged. A cell phone with no charge will do no good in case of an emergency. Kids like playing games and using different apps so be sure to remind them to charge their phone.

If you have a landline then that’s even better.

2. Get out

If they think they hear someone trying to come through the front door and are near another exit like a back door then they should leave and go to a neighbor’s house. It would be better for them to be out of the house during a home invasion rather than hiding in a closet. Most criminals are going to look in closets anyway for things like weapons, jewelry, money, etc.

3. Hide

Image result for shower curtain



If the child is unable to escape, the best place to hide will be in the bathroom with the shower curtain closed. Usually, criminals aren’t going to look there if they’re only there to steal belongings.

3. Put up Signage that will make criminals skip your home


One way to keep burglars away is to let them know what’s waiting for them on the other side. Even if you don’t own firearms, this type of signage is a good deterrent. However, on the flip side, extremely desperate criminals may see this as an opportunity to steal your guns if they think no one is home.

Do you ever leave your kids at home alone? Would they know what to do if someone forced their way into the home?



2 thoughts on “Would Your Child Know What To Do During A Home Invasion?

  1. It is scary to leave kids at home, but necessary and a part of the real-work life. This is great tools and information. Thank you so much for bringing this post to us so we can talk to our kids about what they could do and begin the discussion. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

    1. The world can be a scary place sometimes but we definitely have to teach our kids how to stay safe in a multitude of scenarios so that we’re not OVERprotecting them (smothering) by not allowing them to participate in certain activities (not necessarily staying home alone but in general). Thanks again for your feedback Carrie!

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