When Non-Lethal Weapons Don’t Work

I’ve heard that being high on drugs can cause some people to develop extraordinary strength, however, I’d never actually witnessed it before until today. In this video, a man from Riverdale, MD causes more than a commotion at a local McDonalds. Even before a bystander started recording, the man was allegedly punching tables, throwing chairs and verbally threatening patrons.

In this video, the police hit him with a baton, maced and tased him multiple times.  However, none of their non-lethal methods are effective against this real life super villain! He just keeps getting up and taking more.

Eventually, he does appear to get a bit worn down but it took several officers to subdue and cuff this man. Although he didn’t feel much pain during this altercation, I can only imagine what he was feeling once he came down off his high (if he was actually on drugs).

Something I didn’t understand

Why would those with young kids not just leave when they saw someone behaving in such an irrational and violent manner? How easy is it to chomp down on a big mac while a madman is a few feet away throwing wet floor signs and punching tables? How important are McFries and McFlurries when you’re sharing the same space as someone completely off their rocker? What if the police would have used lethal force on this man and your child witnessed it? Luckily, no one was injured, but it could have ended much differently.

When pepper spray and Tasers don’t work

So what do you do when you find yourself in a dangerous situation where someone who is high on drugs tries to harm you? How do you protect yourself when clearly non-lethal weapons are no match for this person? This is why I choose to carry one of each, a lethal and non-lethal weapon at all times. You never really know what a potential situation may call for.

In this situation, I would have just left the premises. Removing yourself from a violent and dangerous situation should always be priority. I’m sure after the first few moments of his antics it became obvious that he wasn’t just there for the free WiFi.

You can’t predict the behavior and mentality of those you may come in contact with. You can, however, choose which method of defense you use if need be.

How would you have reacted if you’d witnessed this type of behavior? Do you think the police did a good job of detaining him?


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