When An Attacker Just Wants Your Material Possessions

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Some acts of violence involves thieves who are only out to get your material possessions such as car, credit cards, cash, belongings, etc. With this being the busiest shopping season of the year, remember that criminals are working overtime to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals whose thoughts are far removed from the ones being plotted against him/her at that very moment.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind in you ever find yourself in such an ungodly predicament:

Move slowly

These type of violent criminals are more than likely more nervous and inexperienced than attackers who are after power. However, any sudden or wrong moves can cause that such person to overreact and behave in a harmful manner.

Try to remain calm.

Although it’s not easy to calm your nervous system when your life is hanging in the balance, being noticeably nervous will also make the attacker nervous.

Be sure to verbally communicate what you are doing, calmly.

“Ok, I’m getting my wallet out of my pocket and will place it on the car.”

Give up whatever possession the attacker isΒ after. The end goal here is survival and fighting for the watch your late grandmother gave you probably will not end well for you. Not only will the attacker gain possession of such item, but you’ll more than likely be joining your grandmother in the afterlife.

Negotiate if necessary.

“Please let me get my children out of the car and I will leave my purse in the front seat and give you the PIN to my debit card.”

Be aware of schemes.

If you are out shopping and you notice something on the window after you’ve already gotten in the car, do not get out to retrieve it. Drive away first. Some criminals will leave paper on their target’s car to lure them out of the car. At this point, your keys are still in the car, it’s running and you are out of the car. It’s the perfect opportunity for a thief.

If you’re concerned that it’sΒ a parking ticket or something that you don’t want flying off the vehicle, just pull into a gas station or a location that is full of people. Then get out and get the paper.

And remember, awareness is most important when it comes to personal safety. The more you know what to look out for, the less likely you become a victim.


16 thoughts on “When An Attacker Just Wants Your Material Possessions

  1. It’s almost like some scenarios should be practiced so it can be second nature to remain calm, i.e., fire and earthquake drills (hence, mugging drills). Do it over and over again and hopefully calm prevails. I never thought about doing that until I started reading your blog. Very helpful information, Tasha!! Thank you!!

    1. This warms my heart. I am so glad that you find this info useful, but even more glad that you are taking responsibility for your own personal safety! You’re nothing less than awesome! πŸ™‚

  2. VERY wise advice Tasha. You really gave me some food for thought and I need this on a card so I can refer to it if it ever happens to me (I pray it never does). I get nervous and probably would do the wrong/stupid thing. This is some of the best information I’ve come across. Thank you for taking the time to research and do the homework for all of us. Keep up the terrific work!

    1. Thank you Carrie! It’s not uncommon to freeze up when terrified, I remember when it happened to me once. It made me realize that it wasn’t the right response and could have ended badly had I been in real danger!

  3. Awesome advice, Tasha! I never grab the piece of papers left on my windshield to stay safe, but then I forget and I drive all over the place with the paper LOL

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