What’s Going On While You’re Away?

What's GOing On While You're Away?


You come home from work and your toddler is crying uncontrollably. The babysitter said he was running and ran smack dab into the wall. But when you bathe him later on that evening, there’s a bruise on his wrist. How did that get there? Was this an accident? Should you be alarmed? How will you ever know?
You need to know what’s going on with your children when you’re not around. A nanny cam will be your eyes while you’re away. Perfect for you because you don’t like being left in the dark!
Smoke Detector HD Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR
Smoke Detector HD Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR
A nanny cam has many good uses such as:
  • Keeping an eye on your children while they play in another area of the home.
  • Great for home daycare’s to protect against fraudulent abuse allegations.
  • Identifying intruders.
  • Making sure the babysitter is not harming your children.
  • Monitoring cash registers or stock inventory at your business.
This hidden nanny cam is a full functioning smoke detector with built-in DVR to record all the action. There are no messy wires to deal with so it’s easy to move this smoke detector from one area to another. It comes with a remote and memory card.
Protect yourself and your children today!

2 thoughts on “What’s Going On While You’re Away?

  1. I’m so glad I’m past this stage. I worked at home while AJ was a toddler and starting school. I trusted NO ONE with my kid. Sad, but true. That being said, I would totally get one of these for my house if I had little ones!
    Paula recently posted…Missoula Half-MarathonMy Profile

    1. I’m totally the same way Paula. When my kids are small, I get anxiety even when they’re with my MIL and she’s the sweetest woman ever. lol It’s in our nature to want to protect them… as we should!

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