What to Do For Pepper Spray Treatment

Pepper Spray Relief

Pepper spray is a really effective self-defense tool. But just like any other tool, it can sometimes be mishandled or accidentally discharged. If this has happens to you or someone you know, you will need to know how to effectively treat the affected area for fast relief.

Pepper spray causes skin inflammation and respiratory problems. It produces coughing fits and makes it difficult to breathe. Therefore, pepper spray is bit more risky for people who suffer from asthma or emphysema. When it has been sprayed in the eyes they will automatically close and it is very difficult for them to open again until they are no longer burning with pain.This is why it is important to be extremely careful with pepper spray.
It doesn’t do any good to wash your face with water only. Pepper spray contains an oil called oleoresin capsicum and oil and water doesn’t mix very well. Therefore water doesn’t wash oil effectively. Try cleaning a greasy pan with just water and see what happens. Not very much of anything.

Here are some tips for effective pepper spray relief:

1. Donโ€™t touch the affected area

If you touch the area that has been sprayed with pepper spray this will cause it to spread to other areas and make your situation worse. Although touching the area would be an automatic reaction, you should avoid doing so at all cost.

2. Remove any contact lenses

Contact lenses need to be removed right away. This will be difficult because your eyes will not want to open. You will definitely need to receive assistance considering that fact as well as your hands possibly being covered with residue.

3. Apply milk to reduce the burning sensation

Milk will take the sting out of the burning sensation. It will not remove the inflammatory or oily particles but it helps relieve the pain. The dairy fat in milk eradicates capsaicin’s means to induce heat. Put the milk in a bowl and soak the affected area.

You can also use a spray bottle for use with the eyes.

4. Rinse with mild dish detergent and water

While oil and water don’t mix, detergent and water does! Using 1/4 of a mild dish liquid and 3/4 cool water you’re on your way to relief! Soak for about 10-20 seconds at least 10 times. Be sure to change the water so that you’re not re-affecting the area with the pepper spray you just rinsed out.

5.ย  Use saline solution

Use saline solution once you’ve gotten most of the pepper spray out of your eyes. This will rinse out any particles that may be left over. Blinking continuously will help flush it out.

6. Use Liquid Antacid and Water

This is the solution primarily used by medics. It consists of a 50/50 solution of an aluminum or magnesium hydroxide based antacid like Maalox and water. This is an excellent pepper spray neutralizer but is advised to be used only by those with experience.

The effects of pepper spray can last anywhere from 15 minutes to well over several hours. If you do not touch or rub the affected area it will allow the pain to subside quicker.

Always use caution when deploying pepper spray.

Have you ever had an experience with pepper spray? If so, leave a comment below and let me know how you handled it.



9 thoughts on “What to Do For Pepper Spray Treatment

    1. Good deal! Glad you found it useful Carrie. Usually the first thing people think of doing in this kinda situation is rinsing with plain water which is a no no! Imagine trying to put out a grease fire with just water!!

  1. I had an incident where my date decided to “test” the self-defense spray I carried on my keychain. I didn’t give him permission and I didn’t go out with him again. But I inhaled some of the fumes and was short of breath for a couple of hours… I laid in bed and thought I was going to die, it was awful. (I was 23 or so)

    1. Pepper Spray is serious business. I was doing a raffle at a family gathering with some of my products. Someone who’d won a pepper spray decided to spray it….inside the building. Everyone inside the building started coughing and choking, we had to evacuate the premises…during a storm. I don’t blame you for not going on another date with that guy…he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed that day, was he? lol

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