What Every Woman Should Carry In Her Purse

The Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun is by far one of the most stylish stun guns on the market because it’s designed to look like a tube of lipstick. Which ultimately means that you could be carrying 3 million volts of ultimate power in your purse and no one would ever know that you were packing!


Stun Master Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight Pink
Pink Lipstick Stun Gun

Don’t worry though, 3 million volts is still considered non-lethal but highly effective. This small device is cute enough for any woman, but strong enough for a man! So if you’re out on a first date and the jerk wont keep his hands to himself…just give’m the shock of his life!

This stun gun is rechargeable…yes, it comes with it’s own charger AND a flashlight to help you see when you’re walking to your car late at night or taking out the trash at an ungodly hour.

A Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun would make a perfect gift for any woman! What can be better than peace of mind? I’ve given one of these to every important woman in my life and didn’t have to break the bank to do so because they are also inexpensive. 

So why not? Don’t be one of those people who wait until something bad happens then start to think about protection! Prepare yourself and your loved ones just in case! These stun guns are great safety products for every women!

These beautiful stun guns come in several colors: pink, purple, black, gold and red.


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