Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets



Give her the gift of protection.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so let me help take the guess-work out of what to give her this year.

You’ve tried chocolates before, but then she complained that she was getting fat.

You’ve given her jewelry before too, which you’re probably still paying on.

Remember the flowers you gave her?  Those were dead in less than a week.

A romantic dinner is always a hit….but it  still needs the touch of a thoughtful gift. You know, the icing on the cake so-to-speak.

Look, I know you’re not a cheesy cornball. You actually want to give her something different this year. Something useful (for longer than 24 hrs) and could save her life one day.

What could say “I Love You” more than a gift that could help  protect her from harm?


Hands down, you’ve got a winner here.

Definitely a gift she’ll love

Each gift basket comes with:

Mace Pepper Spray Purse Model (Pink or Purple)

Runt Stun Gun 20 Million Volts (Pink, Purple, Black, Blue, Green, Red)

Heart Attack Key Chain

Credit Card Foldable Knife

Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector

You can even add a personal touch to it with a personalized note!

While you’re at it, send one to your mom as well. She deserves it too!!

Don’t be that guy this year with  flowers and chocolate. Be original. Remind her why she fell in love with you to begin with.

Be sure to order yours while supplies last!

Big ‘Ol Disclaimer:

Unfortunately, due to laws and restrictions in certain areas these gift baskets are only available in the U.S. now excluding these states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Illinois,

Also excluding these cities: Annapolis, MD, Baltimore MD, Baltimore County MD, Dension/ Crawford County, IA, District of Columbia, Philadelphia

In other words, you can buy from these cities/states and have the gift basket sent  somewhere else, but I cannot ship to any of those cities/states.

Please visit Steps 2 Protect Gift Shop for more gift basket options.




9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

  1. Yeay!!! You’re back! The site/store look great! I know how much hard work this was but its nice to see you back. The gift baskets are a great idea and I hope they do well for you. Congratulations.

      1. I bet! Hope this really takes off for you and I’ll help in any way I can to make that happen for you. Oh…and there darn well better be a Funny Fridays this week. Looooong overdue!

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