How To Use The Lipstick Stun Gun

One of many stun guns on the market. The lipstick stun gun is easily disguised as another makeup tool or gadget.

Carry this bad boy with you and whoever may be looking for trouble won’t know what hit’em when you strike’m with this 3 million volt, 4.2 milliamps electrical device.

Whether you’re going out with the girls, or on a date getting to know someone new….be sure to bring your backup just in case things go left.

Don’t worry, no one will think you’re paranoid. But they might wanna know where you got your latest tube of lipstick from. Just be sure to send’em my way when they do.

pink lipstick stun gun
Pink Lipstick Stun Gun

4 thoughts on “How To Use The Lipstick Stun Gun

  1. Fabulous! I love this!! I need to get over my fear of carrying spray or other for self defense. But then again, I think I’m more afraid of bears and bobcats when I’m out.

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