U.S. Military Generals Seeking Draft For Women

Two US military service chiefs believes that since the Defense Department opened all combat jobs to women that now it’s time for a mandatory military draft for women as well.

Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley and Marine Corps Commander General Robert Neller has both agreed that “all qualified and eligible men and women should register for the draft.”

Army Acting Secretary Patrick Murphy and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus would not openly agree but has said that it should be open for a national debate.

My thoughts:

Are these guys just looking for 15 minutes of fame or are they being serious? Were they sitting around one evening talking about how easy women have it and decided that since women demand equal rights then they should be required to fight in wars as well?

This doesn’t make any sense to me. If a woman wants to enlist in the military she has every right to do that. But to turn around and insist that women should now be required to register for a draft is ridiculously insane.

I’m pretty sure this suggestion from these military personnel will not go very far [legislative wise]. However, just the fact that they think this is OK is a bit disturbing.

Given the fact that [young] women are typically smaller framed while men possess more physical strength (generally, certainly not in all cases) why even entertain the thought of sending a 95 lb 18-year-old to operate a 110 lb weapon? Unless, of course, she chooses to do so?

Seeing as to how the opponent would most likely be a man…how is that a far situation?

What about the problems that already plague the US military surrounding sexual assault and abuse against their female counterparts?

So yea, I have a problem with this. A big problem.

So here’s the real solution to the draft issue:

If there aren’t enough soldiers to fight these wars, then go back and reassess the foreign policy. Learn a thing or two from Switzerland and stay outta other folks affairs.

One thing you’re not going to do is use one of my daughters as collateral damage.

What do you think of a mandatory draft for women? Would you allow your daughter, who has no interest in the military, fight in a war against her will? 

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Disclaimer *I appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the men and women in the US military. My son plans to enlist in the army in the near future. I have no problem with those who enlist willingly, but I have different feelings when it comes to the draft. 


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23 thoughts on “U.S. Military Generals Seeking Draft For Women

  1. Tasha, sometimes I think a whole lot of these guys are misogynists period and their dislike for women shows in the tell tale silly ideas that they come up with. I don’t even have words for such men.

  2. As someone who served honorably for 20 years, I have nothing against a draft. I do believe that it should be voluntary, but if there isn’t enough volunteers, we are left no choice.

    1. No way I would be OK with either of my daughters being “forced” to fight in combat. Even though they are being trained in self-defense, a war is a whole different ball game.

  3. I disagree with the draft period… girls or boys. And that’s exactly what they are… girls and boys!! I appreciate the men and women who are born fighters and want to do that, and I am so very thankful for them, but the draft is ridiculous. I don’t like it. I agree with your statement about staying out of other’s peoples business. Bring our people back home to protect our borders if that’s the issue requiring a draft, but there are way too many things that the U.S. gets involved in that they should stay far away from. God bless your son for wanting to enlist (how do you feel about that?), but I don’t want my son to have anything to do with the military and I hope he doesn’t want to either. Right after AJ was born, me probably still all hormonal, I read a story that a 43-year-old mother buried her son who had been killed in Iraq, then she died of a heart attack 3 days later. That hit home with me as AJ was just a baby then, and that’s the day I swore that no way was he going in that direction. I cried over that story, and while I know I’m being selfish, this is one time I don’t really care. I want my son alive. Oh my… I think your posts sometimes bring out the beast in me, lol! Thank you for this very thought provoking post… and to be honest… drafting girls is just daft. Men absolutely are stronger than women. Those service chiefs are idiots. Put THEM on the front line, then lets hear them change their tune.
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    1. Lol boy you’ve said a mouth full Paula. That’s tragic about the lady having a heart attack after burying her son. She was literally heart broken! I don’t too much care for my son enlisting….it’s not something that I want for my kids. But I support him and his decision. I think it’s a brave one. But I don’t care for the reasons we are in so many conflicts…most of them can be avoided imo. We’re always poking our nose where it doesn’t belong and then our brave men and women suffer along with their loved ones. I appreciate this comment Paula….you all but went off lol

      1. Your son is so very brave to make that decision, bless him!! And yeah, I guess there are just some things that can really set me off, lol! But I agree with your opinion… some nations are better left to sort themselves out!! 😀
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  4. Saw this yesterday Tasha but I had some personal stuff that prevented me from properly reading it. I completely agree with you and the reasons for saying what you did. The attitude of the generals has a ‘sour grapes’ element to it for sure. I applaud any one who serves. I once seriously considered it and filled out my form when I turned 18 (geez…that was almost 30 years ago!). Though I am far from being an expert, and with the understanding that we do need a military, with all this smart technology we have these days, I doubt there will be the need for a draft again. Their attitude sounds just plain grumpy!
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    1. Hope all is well Robert! Yea those guy were definitely sour about something. Makes me wonder if they have any girls in their families or maybe they just don’t care. Their wives are probably military as well…it’s hard to imagine otherwise.

  5. I had not heard about this. Our military has such brave men and women. In fact my nephew, TODAY is graduating from navy boot-camp and will be stationed somewhere in the world within a month. I hope it will continue to be an option to join the military, rather than forced; meaning that our world can somehow keep enough peace between themselves to keep another world war at bay. Thank you for your post Tasha.
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    1. Congrats to your nephew!!! I know you and your family must be proud! Especially Jodi. That is no small accomplishment and he seems to be a upstanding young man.

  6. When I read this, I thought the military men were spitting sour grapes.
    That they would want to draft women seems impractical and far more problematic than helpful.
    I like your last comment. Oh, if we could be more like Switzerland and stay out of others’ affairs!
    As for the draft: The only reason I could ever see doing that again is in direct defense of the country, on our own soil.

    1. Exactly. Unfortunately , we’ve made so many enemies poking our nose where it doesn’t belong that it seems it’s only a matter of time before that actually becomes a reality. Appreciate your comment!

  7. I would say that if we have to have a draft then yes men and women should be included. But I am against drafting.

    Its interesting you mentioned Switzerland, where they conscript all abled bodied people

    1. Considering Switzerland’s last war was in 1847, I’d say the odds of a woman going to battle for them, unwillingly, are next to slim. Certainly not a country I’d be too concerned about getting into unnecessary conflict with others. Thanks for reading the post and joining in the conversation! ?

  8. I am with you on the draft thing for either men or women. It should be something that is done willingly especially since those who don’t go willingly may not be mentally prepared for such a task. Many of our willing soldiers have expressed that although they are honored to serve their country, it is not something that should be taken lightly, and it is not for everyone.
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