Uber Driver Pepper Sprays Drunk Passenger


Have you seen this video that’s gone viral on the net? An uber driver is asking the passenger which direction he needs to go and the passenger is too drunk to give clear and concise directions.

Driver: You want me to turn left on Harbor?

Passenger: Yes….(pause)….actually…no. Keep going straight. Wait..

Driver: Am I getting on the 55?

Passenger: No your going to..why..hiccup did you go this far? You’re going hiccup slur turn left unto uhhhh

Driver: Dude, you gotta give me directions!

Passenger: Why do I have to give you directions…slurring I gave you my address over the phone.

Driver: No, you didn’t. You refused to. Alright? The address I got is a black night. 

Passenger: Well, you…you better turn your @$$ around! 

At this point the driver pulls up to a stop light while the passenger is slurring a few words. The passenger asks if he knows where he’s at and the driver simply responds, yes.

He then turns his dash cam around to record the inside of the vehicle. He makes a U-Turn after a very long red light. The drunk guy slumps in the seat as if he’s on a boat that’s swaying in a heavy thunderstorm.

The driver pulls into a well-light public area and announces:

Driver: Alright, man, I gotta kick you out.

Passenger: No you don’t. 

Driver: Yea.

The passenger then insists that he’s given the driver the directions and argues with the driver for a few moments. Then, out of nowhere, he starts hitting and attacking the driver from the backseat.

The driver turns around and sprays pepper spray in his face which causes the man to immediately exit the vehicle.

The driver, visibly upset, got out of the vehicle and confronted the passenger.

This video is a prime example of why it is important to carry some form of protection, you never really know when you may need it.

Are you well protected?


18 thoughts on “Uber Driver Pepper Sprays Drunk Passenger

  1. I’m glad the guy got fired. Even if he had not assaulted the driver, he still is a face of the company he works for. More to the point of your post. I recently mentioned to my wife that I think we should both carry some pepper spray with us now. She drives to work, but if the car should ever break down I don’t want her getting in a bad situation. Also I think I might as well too. I love our neighborhood but it is mixed semi in use light industry mixed in with residences, often times on the same street so there are lots of dark corners and its hard to say which of those businesses are occupied sometimes. So I thought we should indeed be prepared. This post pretty much cemented it. Thanks Tasha 🙂

      1. Aww thanks Tasha, you are too sweet! I did not know that regarding the pepper spray. I’ll of course purchase via legal means but it sounds like I can’t buy it directly from you, so I will look into the pharmacy option. I think I have in fact seen them in places like that. It all makes sense though. I always have a bag with me of some sorts and it would make sense to carry that along with the umbrella!

        1. Yes, they have laws in New York about how much capsium the pepper spray can have in it and what not. I personally don’t ship to NY and a few other areas with such laws. Good thing is, they are still available to you and not completely banned!

    1. The beligerent and violent passenger was a marketing exec for Taco Bell and was fired over this incident. He’s also barred from using the Uber service again and faces 1 year in jail.

  2. I saw this on tv and I cannot believe how brazen and violent people can be! I’m so glad the man was fired and barred from using Uber services again. I feel so bad for the driver and all other taxi drivers who are at the mercy of those who hail their cars. The drivers are basically in the hands of strangers all day and night long. I pray God protects them; it never occurred to me just how brave they are.

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