Uber Attacker Now Seeking $5 Million In Damages

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Remember this guy….the sloppy drunk passenger who attacked an Uber driver after he was put out for being too inebriated to know where he was going ? Well, he’s back….and he’s on a mission.

A mission for $5 million, that is.

He is now suing the Uber driver for the pain and suffering of losing his job and being humiliated. He’s basing his lawsuit on the fact that he did not give Edward Caban, the Uber driver, consent to record him on video.

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OK…..so where’s the law that says frivolous lawsuits gets thrown out the minute the file clerk rolls her eyes and lets out a sigh that she even wasted two minutes of her life on the paperwork?

Where exactly does common sense come into play here? Or does it?

Only in America….the land of the free…can you attack someone and then turn around and sue them because of the embarrassment of your own actions and ended up losing your job as a consequence.

The best thing this former Taco Bell Exec could have done for himself was quietly go away and attempt to build his own business…cuz let’s face it…he’s simply not hiring material at the moment.

Which is why he’s seeking such an astronomical amount of money, I’m sure.


He should know that no real judge is going to rule in his favor. Camera’s are everywhere and people can lawfully have them in their own vehicles.

Which leads me to wonder….what lawyer was bored enough to take this case?

Even if a miracle occurred and he’s awarded the $5 million, does he think he would ever actually see it? I don’t know too many millionaires that are driving strangers to and fro nowadays.

So, he’s put himself back in the spotlight again….jamming the dagger further into his flesh.

Someone close to this guy should tell’em he’s looking like a fool filing this lawsuit.

Like I tell my children, you don’t get rewarded for bad behavior.

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Do you think he could possibly win this lawsuit? Should people be allowed to file frivolous claims? 


12 thoughts on “Uber Attacker Now Seeking $5 Million In Damages

  1. You took it out of my mouth Tasha. I was saying to myself, it’s only in America that such silliness can be attempted or condoned. I think the guy is still high on something and someone really has to get him in hand before he does more silly stuff. Shaking my head and laughing my butt off at the same time 🙂 Dreamer of big bucks!

  2. My words exactly when I saw the video of this entitled piece of shit on the news! Only in America. Only in America can a spoiled rotten brat of an adult turn around and manipulate things so that he is the one being victimized. I’m hoping and praying that the Uber driver is well-compensated from any emotional and physical damage from this snot-nosed little wimp of a asshole has given him!

    1. The uber driver definitely needs to seek legal fees in this matter and I’m sure no judge would have a problem awarding it to him. Pain and suffering as well cuz this is ridiculous.

  3. This is terrible. What a jerk! I can’t help but wonder, though, if there isn’t some legal loophole that he’s discovered to where he can win his case. He shouldn’t win, but what does the hired lawyer know that we don’t? I do think there are times when the legal system fails, but I hope this isn’t one of them. It really does amaze me at the lack of morals and decency some people have.
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