The Idiot With The Camera

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A fatal car wreck involving two 17-year-old boys, occurred when the Honda sedan they were driving accelerated over railroad tracks and crashed into a house. As one teen lied there, moments away from death, 41-year-old Paul Pelton whips out his cellphone and starts recording.

Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

On the footage he could be heard calling them “idiots” as he headed towards the car. He then proceeded to open the car door and continued recording the teens, both 17, as one nears death and the other severely injured. He never bothered to render aid or comfort to either victim. He later posted the video on Facebook and tried to sell it to several TV stations.

It’s very unfortunate that a 17-year-old had to spend the last moments of his life¬†with a camera in his face held by a complete stranger. When a few words of encouragement, comfort or support would have made a huge difference, he was left with a selfish, non compassionate person who was more of an idiot then the teens that he stated were.

When a tragedy like this happens and a bystander would rather use their phone to record it rather than calling for help or assisting the injured shows just how disconnected many people in our technological society are.

Police arrested Pelton for vehicle trespassing but he has since posted bond.

Do you think Pelton had good intentions or was he being idiot?

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5 thoughts on “The Idiot With The Camera

  1. My blood curdles when I hear things like this. It’s just a shame what the World has turned into with complete idiots like this. Human compassion seems lost in these times. He should be behind bars.

    1. Seems like back in the “good ol days” there were more good Samaritans. If you saw someone hurt or harmed in someway, you helped that person. Although there are still many good people like that today, there seems to be a great number of those who are completely unfazed by the suffering of another human being. Getting it on camera trumps everything else which is quite unfortunate!

  2. Oh my goodness, I have never thought there could be such callousness, such contempt for human decency and void of compassion for a fellow human beings life. I have heard so many mean-spirited stories, but this one truly saddens me to think that a person was in a position to give comfort and instead did this…’s beyond my comprehension and words. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention Tasha in hopes that it will never, ever happen again to anyone, in any situation of need. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

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