The Gift Of Protection


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If you haven’t finished all of your holiday shopping yet, good luck. Unless you buy exclusively online, shopping malls and department stores are jammed packed from here on out. I took my kids to the mall on Saturday and could not find one single parking space. Every time a car pulled out of its parking space there was another car right there to quickly pull in. And how about those shoppers who get in their car, start it and then just sit there for a while messing around on their phone?

We didn’t step foot in the mall on Saturday and that’s OK with me. I don’t too much care for large crowds anyway.

But maybe you were one of those people in the mall recently, shopping for gifts for your adult loved ones. What did you come away with? A Kitchenaid mixer for dear mom? Jewelry for the Mrs? A TV for hubby’s man cave? Fishing pole for pops?

It can get a lil hectic trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. Especially if you have siblings, aunts, uncles, friends that you buy gifts for as well.

But it really doesn’t have to be that difficult.

One thing that we ALL have in common when it comes to those we love is that we care about their safety and well-being. So with that in mind, instead of buying them something that will keep their attention for only a short amount of time…buy them a gift that will protect them and keep them safe in time of need!


MACE Exquisite Pink Polka Dot Purse Model
MACE $16.99- Perfect Stocking Stuffer for that Important Woman in Your Life
Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger Model Pink
Mace Pepper Spray Jogger Model $19.99
Stun Cane with Flashlight 1 Million Volts
Stun Cane with Flashlight 1 million Volts- $79.98 Excellent for Elderly or Disabled


Hike ‘n Strike 950,000 Volts Stun Walking Cane
Hike ‘n Strike 950,000 Volts Stun Walking Cane $79.95

For more safety products please visit Safety First Self Defense. Have a safe and happy Holiday!

Disclaimer Please review laws and restrictions before purchasing pepper spray and stun guns.


17 thoughts on “The Gift Of Protection

  1. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s too late to ask Santa for another present. I need that jogger model mace!! Maybe once it’s all said and done, I can buy myself a New Year’s present! Thanks for the links Tasha!!
    neveradullbling recently posted…Oops!My Profile

  2. GREAT list and your store is really nice Tasha. I believe what you are offering is so important that I tweeted, Goggle+ and shared it on FB to get the word out quick. Keep up the important work you are doing my friend, by helping us be safe and know how to be more protected.
    cgroneman recently posted…Wonderful Wednesday Blog HopMy Profile

  3. Amazon was my hero this year plus I had personal signs made for the men in the family…my brother in laws was Duck Pond Jnc. since has made 3 duck pond there property, what can I say he likes to dig big holes…LOL and my brothers said The Ole Elf Ally since he refers to himself as an old elf….LOL I don’t think I went into a box store with the exception of Cost Plus….yay Sending holiday cheer to you…kat
    New Journey recently posted…Finally….My Profile

  4. Hi, Tasha

    For the first time I have visited your blog. The thing that made me to reach your respective blog is the security and well being of my own kids. I am father of two, both are girls and half the time I am really worried about their safety, because elder one is in collage and other one is in third standard.

    The safety defense tools that you have mentioned are seriously required, these days due to increasing crime rate.

    At least I can provide some of the self defense tools to my elder daughter.

    I thank you for sharing such an informative post with us.

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