Texas Cop Caught On Camera Pulling Gun on Kids

This video was difficult for me to watch….a Texas cop caught on camera pulling gun on kids.

There was a disturbance at a community pool and it appears as if the officer is chasing someone. However, in a dramatic fashion, he does a tuck and roll and starts running again immediately as if he’s trying out for a role in a movie. All of a sudden he’s yelling and cursing at some of the kids. In my opinion, he seemed to be overacting because no one appeared to be a danger to him or anyone else.

Some of the kids seemed genuinely frightened, which would explain why they ran. But one particular girl was not afraid of the officer and ended up paying for standing up for herself. She was thrown to the ground and pretty much manhandled. The officer pulled out his gun and continued cursing at the surrounding kids. He also appeared to put all of his weight on her back and just sat there….. a fully grown man on the back of a teenage girl.

While watching this, all I could think about was that I was witnessing a madman in uniform. He seemed angry and upset. Is it possible he was going through a divorce? Maybe a loved one just died? Or is bitter about the way police have been betrayed in the news lately, (in which case he’s not helping to change that perspective with his irrational behavior).

As the mother of a teen who will soon be receiving his driver’s license, I can truly say that this is one cop I would not want pulling my son over for a traffic stop.



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