Teens Beat Neighbor to Death and Leaves Him to Rot


booking photos of Bryan Robinson and Tyzick Wall
Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

When I was growing up, there was a public service announcement that would come on TV that boldly announced,

it’s 10 pm…do you know where your children are?

That one little phrase is still very much relevant in the times that we’re living in today, if not more.

These two Florida teens, Bryan Robinson and Tyzick Wall, decided that they were going to rob their 54-year-old neighbor, Stephen Gorney. Someone whom they were very well acquainted with because he was nice enough to allow them to hang out at his house and even do some work for him.

They repaid his kindness by breaking into his home late at night, robbing him and beating him to death with a crowbar. They left his body in a hot tub to decay and decompose over several days while they bragged to a few people about what they’d done.

It’s very sad that Mr. Gorney had to die at the hands of kids who have no respect for life. And it’s upsetting that they found their actions to be amusing.

They will be charged with armed robbery, first-degree murder and grand theft where they will now be at the mercy of the court. Hopefully, once they’ve had time to ponder the finality of what they did, they will start to become sorrowful and remorseful for the life they took in cold blood.


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