Target’s New Transgender Restroom Policy

Target has approved a new bathroom policy that would allow transgender men and women to use the facility that they are most comfortable using, including the lady’s room.

Never mind the fact that hundreds of Target stores already have a “single stall, family restroom” to accommodate those who are more comfortable with that option.

It’s wonderful that Target, as well as other stores like it, are concerned for the transgender community, but I believe they have missed an opportunity to come up with a solution to the problem that would ensure that all of their customers are comfortable with their restroom policy.

Let’s face it, there are many women who are not comfortable sharing a bathroom with a person who was born a man.

Personally, I’m less concerned about the policy itself as I am about the loophole it now creates for perverts and sickos.

Any man who wants child pornography can dress like a woman and plant a small camera in a stall and get hours of footage of women and little girls who are using the restroom.

There will also be cases of sexual assaults in these “gender-neutral” bathrooms as well. Not from transgender but from molesters and rapist pretending to be  transgender or a cross dresser.

Another thing to consider ladies….what if the person using the restroom hasn’t had the surgery to receive their “woman” parts…imagine how many toilet seats will be covered in urine!!

It’s difficult enough to get the fellas at home to lift up the seats…how much do you think complete strangers in a public restroom are going to care? (I’ve accidentally walked into the men’s room a time or two and each time it reeked of urine.)

So, why exactly didn’t Target just make those family single stall bathrooms, designated transgendered bathrooms as well? Or, if that’s not good enough, why not make yet another bathroom specifically for transgender? Or, allow them to use the employee’s restroom? (Now that’s pulling out the red carpet).

Why alienate and put your target buyers (no pun intended) at risk?

What do you think about Target’s new policy? Does it put women and young girls at risk for harm and/or exposure?

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10 thoughts on “Target’s New Transgender Restroom Policy

    1. Not sure why Target hasn’t come up with a better solution since there are clearly better ways to solve this problem. They stand to lose a lot of loyal customers over this.

      1. Noticed I show up as anonymous…haha…that’s ok. I’m in the middle of writing something on this subject for Friday – there’s a petition out there to block this from happening. I’m glad you’re sharing this!

  1. Oh my word! The thought alone just makes me feel sick. What is wrong with society? I hope they think sensibly. Gosh, I would rather pee along the road and have the breeze blowing my butt than sharing a toilet decorated with urine :/

  2. I agree a billion times over! I happened in Target just the other day and had forgotten all this..too much class work, lol. My daughter said something in line to me so I asked the cashier and she said to sign the petition also. I’m appalled that our society is willing to cater to a few over the needs of the many – particularly the safety of children and those most vulnerable. I applaud you for taking on this topic. KUDDOS girl friend:)
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    1. It just doesn’t make a whole lotta sense, does it? Certainly wouldn’t want a guy like Jared Fogle in the stall next to my daughter…or anyone else’s for that matter.

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