Summer Spy Shades…Go Undetected

The other day I posted a video about a man who almost killed someone because he refused to stop recording a couple who were arguing and they charged towards him.

I became a licensed conceal carrier a few years ago. In order to receive a CC license, I had to go through 8 hours of training. One of the most important lessons that was taught in this class is that while you’re carrying you should always avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs. Carrying a firearm should not make you bold enough to confront and challenge others, it should have the opposite effect.

Whipping out a phone to record what someone else is doing [without their permission] is not a smart thing to do. No one likes to be recorded without their consent, it’s very uncomfortable not knowing where that footage may end up….. which in this case, it landed on his YouTube channel.

Let’s be clear, he obviously wasn’t breaking any laws by recording those people in public. But mowing the lawn at 3 am or texting in a movie theater are perfectly legal as well, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying to others.

If you feel like you need to record what someone else is doing, the smartest way to do so would be covertly. If the kids across the street are spray painting a vacant house, it’s most likely the behavior will stop as soon as they see you recording them with your phone.

This Summer, whether you’re needing to prove something in a court of law or you’re just being nosy and in other people’s business, then the Summer Spy Shades are for you.

HD Eye Glasses Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR
HD Eye Glasses Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

These sunglasses are made with high quality metal and plastic and are extremely sturdy. They record in crystal clear 1920 X 1080 resolution. It stores 2.5 hours of video footage and has a 16GB memory.

Features: 170 degree wide angle lens, 1920 x 1080 video resolution, battery life about 2 hours, works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory, 30 FPS.

Also comes with: carrying bag, USB cable, and user manual



High End Hidden Camera Sunglasses with DVR
High End Hidden Camera Sunglasses with DVR

These frames are also made with high quality materials. The frame is Sweat Resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions as well as the moisture from sweat.

The Quality Polarized Lens exceeds optical requirements of ANSI Z80.3 standards and blocks out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm protection. Lenses are shatter-proof and impact resistant tough material – fully certified for eye protection.

These lenses meet AS/NZS 1067, EN 1836, ANSI Z80.3 standards for optical and mechanical performance.

The built in camera has a resolution of 1280 X 720P full HD.

There’s a built in TV that allows you to plug in a cable to the camera and TV and you can instantly watch or share your videos. The camera will record for about 2 hours before needing to recharge and also stores 2 hours of footage. It comes with a 16GB SD card.

The one button operation makes it simple to operate. Push the button once to turn it on, push it again to save the file and turn off.

Also comes with: carrying bag, cleaning cloth, carrying case, neck strap, USB/TV out cable, user manual.



Goggle Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR
Goggle Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

These high performance googles are 1280 X 720 resolution and are perfect for sports adventures and many outdoor activities such as mountain biking, fishing, skiing, motor crossing, ATV’s, etc.

The goggle hidden camera has anti-fog lens, impact-resistant frame, premium high-density lens, UV protection, dual strap adjustments and helmet compatibility. The goggles have a 170 degree wide-angle camera lens that captures 720p HD quality video. It records to a 16GB micro SD card and can store up to 5 hours of crisp clear video footage. Easily download your videos to any Mac or PC via USB. The battery will last for about 2 hours before the goggles need to be recharged. The buttons on the top of the goggles can be easily pressed with gloves on.

Features: 170 degree viewing angle, UV sunglasses lens, 1280 x 720 video resolution, 2 hour battery life, works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory, 30 FPS.

Also comes with: carrying bag, USB cable, user manual.


Let’s be smart this Summer and as always, be safe!






One thought on “Summer Spy Shades…Go Undetected

  1. These sunglasses are genuinely authentic; if we need to spy on someone who is really close to us and we can’t point out on him or her, directly.

    This post will certainly help those who are undergoing frauds done on daily bases by their family and friends and they are unable to do much on the matter.

    Thanks for this helpful share.

    Certainly, it will help many…. out there.

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