Stun Gun Vs Taser

Which One Is Right For You?

Once a person starts seriously considering non-lethal self-defense options a natural question comes up again and again. Stun gun vs. Taser? Which choice is the best for personal defense and most effective as a non-lethal self-defense weapon?

Now, this isn’t the type of question that can be answered in a single sentence. Both devices have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and these may carry more or less weight depending on the person using them and the situation that they are being used in.With that truth in mind let’s take an unbiased look at both stun guns and Tasers. We’ll consider their ups and downs so that a more informed choice can be made on which to carry and when. Read on with a close eye. When it comes to self-defense, like many other things in life, knowledge is power.

Stun Guns and Tasers

What’s the Difference?

The first thing we need to tackle is the difference between a Taser and a stun gun. Now, for many this seems obvious, but a quick glance at internet forums and elsewhere reveals many have trouble making a distinction between the two. Let’s be clear: stun guns and Tasers are VERY different self-defense tools.

Stun guns are a hand held device that delivers an incapacitating electric shock from its probes or prongs when they make contact with a person. So a stun gun is used in self-defense up close in hand to hand combat. It is not a weapon that can be used at a distance.

Tasers are a gun like device which fire a dart which is attached to the gun with a cord. When the dart hits a person a high amp / high voltage electric shock is delivered in most cases knocking the person unconscious or at least stunning them. The dart can and will penetrate clothing.

So the primary difference between both non-lethal self-defense options is the range they are effective at. Stun guns are a close range option. Tasers are an option effective at a distance, usually in the range of roughly fifteen feet.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Stun Gun Pros and Cons

RUNT 20,000,000 volt Blue Stun Gun with a flashlight and wrist strap disable pin

Stun Gun Pros:
* Stun Guns can be used multiple times in an encounter. As long as the stun gun’s battery is carrying a charge (which it should be if you are serious about self-defense) you can use your stun gun against multiple assailants or multiple times against the same assailant should he be high on drugs, exceptionally large or wearing some sort of heavy clothing which kept him standing after the first shock. This is a valuable advantage that should not be short changed. It’s very likely this feature has saved many lives.
  • Stun Guns are available in many shapes and sizes, including some models that are disquised as lipstick or working flashlights. Stun guns are widely available and the amount of choices a person interested in self-defense has when buying a stun gun borders on astonishing. This is a plus for those who prefer to stay away from “one size fits all” cookie cutter style self-defense tools.
  • Stun Guns are affordable. Buying a powerfully effective stun gun is not a large investment. Even top of the line models used by law enforcement and security firms are priced within reason.
  • Stun Guns usually require little in the way of registration. In states where stun guns are legal to possess, they generally require no license to purchase or own. Of course, always be clear on your own state and cities laws before purchasing a stun gun or carrying one concealed.

Stun Gun Cons:

  • Some stun guns are under powered. Always be sure of your source and do your research before purchasing a stun gun. Their widespread popularity has led to some unscrupulous companies producing under powered units that have next to no chance of doing more than stinging an assailant. The last thing you want to do is discover this problem when you or a loved one is being attacked.
  • Stun Guns require you to be within reach of potential harm. Being close enough to use a stun gun means you are also close enough to be struck or stabbed. While having a reliable stun gun provides a distinct advantage over most attackers the element of risk is always there at this distance.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Taser Pros and Cons

Taser Pulse

Taser Pros:
* Taser’s are effective at a distance. Being able to incapacitate an assailant at up to fifteen feet away can be the difference between life and death. For less physically powerful person this can make a Taser an incredible self-defense equalizer and asset.
  • The Taser is VERY reliable in dropping assailants. Taser darts will stick through heavy clothing and deliver a jolt that will in the vast majority of cases incapacitate the person shot with one.
  • Taser’s are all built to very exact quality control considerations. Being manufactured by one company allows a consumer to be confident in the high quality of the Taser they purchased. There’s no issues of cheap knock offs that will underperform.

Taser Cons:

* Civilian Tasers only allow one or two shots. This means after these darts are fired the Taser is useless as a non-lethal self-defense weapon. A person would then have to resort to other options if a threat or threats still remained.
  • The Taser is relatively expensive. For some the Taser is less than affordable, when compare to other self-defense options. Also after being fired new cartridges need to be purchased for the Taser adding to its overall cost.
  • Registration and background check required. To activate a purchased Taser registration is required. This means passing a background check. The Taser also leaves identifying numbers when used which allow law enforcement to determine its owner. For some this could be an unwanted encounter, after already being forced to defend themselves.
After reading the pros and cons above it should be clear that the stun gun vs Taser question ultimately comes down to an individual’s wants, needs and resources. The right choice for one person may be the wrong choice for another. Some may even feel having access to both is the best option to invest in their non lethal self-defense capabilities. With both levels of proximity covered this could be the soundest decision of them all. Stay Safe!


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  1. Great informational post….thanks for the information…I guess if I lived in a big city and was walking to my car after dark, I might carry one, but I am so passive that I would have a hard time using one…I know your thinking, no way, I would use it if someone was attacking me…and your right!!! I just looked through all your funnies….I love the hand under the tree….great pictures and funnies….hope alls well in you world…its gonna get windy this weekend here, otherwise its all good….been in the high 90’s….kat

    1. They’re actually not as scary as you may think…they’re much more intimidating to the person on the receiving end and certainly don’t cause as much damage as a firearm 😀

  2. I had NO idea about all of this information Tasha. You are so thorough and put it incredibly well. I didn’t even know there was a difference in the two. When you put this on your FB, tag me so I can share it on mine please and let’s link it to your store. GREAT info everyone needs to know here and you are the queen of keeping us safe! Thanks for all your investigative work. I’m impressed as always at your posts my friend.
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