Selfie Sticks Now Banned at ALL Disney Parks

Exactly one week ago, my family and I were visiting Disney World in Orlando, FL. I have to admit, it was the first time I’d ever seen selfie sticks in use. Several people were using them to take group photos and I remember thinking how neat they were, especially considering how many times I had to ask complete strangers to take our picture.

But it seems that many people have a disdain for the selfie sticks. A lady mentioned selfie sticks to her mom while standing in line to ride the Astro Orbiter. Her mom asked her what a selfie stick was and once she got her answer she shook her head and replied “now that sounds stupid.”

There have been others who complain that people with selfie sticks don’t pay attention to their surroundings and accidentally bump into innocent bystanders with the sticks. Or they’ll have their phone right in front of others during a concert or show. I personally saw a couple of selfie sticks being used during the nighttime parade at Disney World.

Disney had already banned selfie sticks on all rides but obviously that wasn’t enough. Someone pulled out their selfie stick while at the top of the California Screamin’ ride in Anaheim, CA which caused the ride to be stopped for the safety of others. Now selfie sticks are not allowed in Disney Parks at all and will be confiscated when they check your belongings. Once it’s taken way, it will be returned when you leave the park.

But your best bet is just not bring it in the first place. It’s not worth the hassle nor the safety of others enjoying their magical moments at Disney.


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