Practical Guide: Home Invasion Safety Tips

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Yesterday, three masked men broke into a home at 4am in Braedonton, Fl. They killed the couple who lived there,  Kantral Markeith Brooks and Esther Denues, both 29 years old. As if that wasn’t bad enough, their 5 children were there during the home invasion and it’s possible that one child even witnessed the crime.

It’s despairing that something heinous such as this took place. We hear stories like this so often that they become the norm, like cotton candy at a Ringling Brothers circus.

….another murder

….another home invasion

….another senseless killing

…when will it end?

It all starts with 2 things: awareness and personal protection. If everyone would take the time to apply those two basic key elements to survival, there would be less stories like these to read/hear about. Because the headline should have read like this:

“Three masked men shot dead while attempting to break into a home”


“Masked men fled on foot after hearing the cocking of a shotgun”

But unfortunately, the sad truth is that these two individuals are gone and their children hurt, scared and devastated. Original story here.

I know narratives like these will never completely go away. But in an effort to make sure your story is not the next one that I blog about…here are a few safety tips for home invasions.

Get a home security system and use it.

Although this sounds like common sense, there are many people who feel they don’t need to own a security system. That’s fine if you have other means of knowing when someone has unlawfully entered your home. But the most practical way of screening unwanted visitors is with a monitored security system.

If you can’t afford a security system

That’s really no excuse. There are other items that work just as well and are not as costly. Here are a few of those items:

Wireless Home Security System
Wireless Home Security System

This alarm works like a regular home security system except it is not monitored by a security company which would dispatch the police on your behalf. Instead, you program phone numbers in it and it will dial the first number (then the next if no one answers) and the person receiving the call will hear a pre-recorded message. They will also have the option to hear what’s going on in the room or speak through the system to whoever may be there.

Glass Breakage Alarm
Glass Breakage Alarm

Sounds the alarm when glass on your door or window breaks.

Safe Family Life Super Door Stop Alarm
Safe Family Life Super Door Stop Alarm

This crime stopper actually has two handy features. It stops the door from being opened while sounding an alarm at the same time letting you know the door is attempting to be opened. These are perfect for staying in hotel rooms as well.

Make sure all outdoor entry areas are well lit.

Motion detectors work great for detouring criminals because like rodents they prefer to do their dirt in the dark. If an assailant is attempting to break in but a light shines brightly before he can make it to the door, more than likely he’s going to scatter. But if by a small chance that doesn’t deter him, then at least the light gives you a better visual for when you show him why he chose the wrong home to break into.

Have a weapon on hand.

The truth of the matter is that your best chance of surviving a home invasion is a firearm. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying never bring a knife to a gun fight. What that means is that if the other person has a gun then don’t bother with anything less than something of equal power.

I do realize that not all people are comfortable with firearms. I was once one of them. I eventually got over that fear simply because my kids need me to be able to protect them. I did research. I took firearms safety classes and target practice.

But I get it. I really do.

You can always purchase a Taser gun. This device would be helpful if you have one attacker but I’m not quite sure about more than one. It could possibly scare the others and make them run if they’re unarmed but you never really know.

Taser Pulse
Taser Pulse

Pepper spray is an item that every woman should have on her at all times. But be mindful, these items are only useful if you have them within reach when the need arise.

Mace® Home Model
Mace® Home Model

Regular household items can also be used as weapons as well. However, if your attacker is armed, it’s best to use something that doesn’t require you to be within close proximity.

And while I’m on the subject of weapons….would you please keep the little one’s in mind and make sure they’re not able to access them? In our efforts to protect our children we certainly don’t want them being harmed because we forgot to put our weapons out of their reach.

A home invasion is a scary circumstance. Thankfully, most people will never experience one, however many others will and most of them will not live to tell their stories. A little awareness and protection could go an awfully long way from keeping the future victims of these kinda crimes from becoming casualties to those who don’t value life.



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  1. The cheaper option of not having a monitored system is less safe but sometimes, all you really need is the deterrence. It’s much better than having nothing to protect you at all!

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