Powerful One of a Kind Quality Easter Basket

Personal Safety Easter Basket

stun gun, pepper spray, heart attack key ring. date rape drug detector
$69.99 – BUY NOW

In just a few weeks, millions of seasonal [and dedicated] christians will put on their Sunday’s best in hopes of getting a good seat in the pews. They’ll be filled with joy, knowing that their sins have been forgiven and their reservation secure in the Kingdom of Heaven.

But not without great sacrifice, a life was taken and resurrected, all for the sake of fallen humanity.

Fast forward to today.

In order to celebrate this joyous occasion, you’ll probably buy your children Easter baskets full of toys and candy.

But there’s a new Easter Basket on the market. It’s solely for responsible adults with the purpose of preserving the life that you’ve been blessed with. BUY NOW

The days of being totally defenseless and at the mercy of the someone who doesn’t value life are over. Protection has always been available, it’s just a matter of you knowing that you need it.

Think about it, isn’t it always better to have protection that you won’t ever need to use than to not have it when you need it? Yea, that can suck big time. Especially if you’ve been caught off guard.

Buy this personal safety East Basket for someone you love.

Or, buy this personal safety Easter Basket for yourself.

Get it because you care and because you do value life.

What’s all included:

  • Stun Master Stun Gun 3 million volts (other colors available)
  • Purse Model Mace Pepper Spray (Pink or Purple)
  • Foldable Credit Card Knife
  • Keychain Heart Attack
  • Date Rape Drug Detector

BUY NOW while supplies last

Are you fully protected? What are waiting for?



4 thoughts on “Powerful One of a Kind Quality Easter Basket

  1. Found you!! I had your site saved with the previous name and it wouldn’t redirect me to this one. I finally got it through your new avatar:)
    I love this Easter Basket, BTW!! Unique and perfect for women:)

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