What You Need to Know Before Claiming Self-Defense


Having a baby is hard enough. Having an abusive mate, makes it that much harder. After being physically threatened by her husband only weeks after giving birth, Marissa had enough. During a heated altercation, she picked up a gun and fired once to let him know that she meant business.

You would think a woman in this position would be protected by law. But how she spent the next six or so years of her life says different.

Marissa Alexander recently got off house arrest in Florida, after initially being imprisoned. She stood her ground, in a Stand Your Ground state, and was punished for it.

Marissa Alexander photo courtesy MSNBC

Know Your Laws Regarding Self-Defense

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws concerning self-defense in your area. Just because you think something is legal does not mean that it is. There are so many laws on the books, including dumb ones like:

Cutting down a cactus can land your 25 years in jail in Arizona.

One armed piano players must play for free in Iowa.

It’s a felony for a wife to open her husbands mail in Montana.     [Dumb laws]

You never really know what could land you behind bars.

You Could Save Your Life And Lose it at the Same Time

According to Marc MacYoung, an expert when it comes to self-defense, “When you claim self-defense, the burden of proof shifts to you. You just can’t say self-defense and expect everything to be hunky dory. By claiming self-defense proving your actions were justified is now your responsibility. And that requires a boatload of evidence to confirm your actions were truly in defense of self. That’s why knowing the significance of the law is important.”

Claiming self-defense is confessing to a crime. So instead of explaining your side of the story to law enforcement, you should let your lawyer do his/her job and keep your mouth shut. Explaining your side, no matter how right you may be, could land you in big trouble.

Self-defense bible

Some really important points covered in the book are:

  1. Understanding violent situations
  2. Knowing what subconscious process gets us into them.
  3. Staying out of these situations in the first place.
  4. Staying within self-defense parameters.
  5. Understanding and coping with the aftermath.

Why You Need This Book

Marc is a no-nonsense kind of guy who gives it to you straight with no chaser. He’s a former expert witness who covers many things that you may not have ever thought about when it comes to self-defense. His humor, combined with some story-telling, will keep your attention and curiosity til the very last page. You’ve never read another book on this topic like this one.

The Bottom line

It’s cruel what Marissa’s kids have had to endure with their mom being locked up, then put on house arrest. Good people shouldn’t be punished while those who should be behind bars walk free.

Have you ever been in a self-defense situation?

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  1. Think I have told you before that I have never been in a self-defense situation, but I have been in a few situations where I worried it may turn into one. Which is why what you do here and analyzing the potential scenarios, and breaking down the importance of choices is so great. Another incredibly valuable and useful post friend.

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