Mugger Robs Woman Then Runs Her Over-Caught On Camera

A woman named Marsha Johnson was loading groceries in her car at Walmart around 7:45 pm in Covington, GA. Johnson did not notice the guy pull up near her car and walk straight up to her.

As he grabbed her purse from behind, Johnson struggled for it which caused her to trip and fall. The thief hopped back into his vehicle and proceed to run Johnson over multiple times. It was all caught on camera [but that part was edited out].

Photo Courtesy Channel 2 Action News

“She ended up behind the car,” said Capt. Craig Treadwell of the Covington Police Department. “He backed out, and when he pulled forward, she ended up back underneath the car. He couldn’t get the car all the way out, so he ended up being on top of the victim with the vehicle three or four times.”  [Quote taken from CBS]
She suffered sever trauma injuries and later died at the hospital.

My Personal Thoughts

The holiday shopping season brings out the best and worst in some people. The season of giving, ironically, is also the season for taking. Whether you’re taking something that was willfully given to you (a gift) or taking without permission (stealing) most people are expecting something from someone else.

The pressure  to live up to other’s exceptions and idea of what a good holiday consists of is breeding ground for those who do not have the means and are less concerned about their fellow-man or woman.

As we draw closer to Black Friday and December holiday shopping, make sure you are not making some of these common mistakes that thieves look for when picking a target.

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

  • Try not to shop late at night.

I’m guilty of this myself, however, during this time of year I make it a point to either not go shopping late, or take someone with me. Not as many people shop at night, which is why criminals love working the later hours. Less shoppers out means a lesser chance of being confronted by a bystander.

  • Awareness of surroundings is extremely important. Even during daytime hours.

Awareness is always the most important personal safety tip you will ever receive. Had Johnson made eye contact with the criminal when he circled the lot, I can just about bet he would have kept driving. She was so busy loading the groceries in the car that she did not even notice him walk up to her. That was a tragic and deadly mistake.

  • Don’t leave items in the car that others may want to steal, even with the doors locked.

OK, clean out you crowded trunk and make room for your purchases. Do not leave merchandise in your car where others can see, even with your car locked. If you have a PlayStation 4 just sitting there in the driver’s seat, a criminal will make no qualms about breaking your window to get in. Or worst, wait for you to unlock the car door and attack.

  • If someone snatches your purse/wallet, don’t hold on to it.

Another deadly mistake Johnson made was holding on to her purse. Had she just thrown it away from her, she would not have fallen and would probably still be alive today. Never fight for your personal possessions…in the end, the criminal will still end up with it and you may lose your life. It’s simply not worth it.

  • Beware of strangers approaching you.

There are a lot of schemers and con artist at work during this time of year, so if you get a bad vibe from someone whose approaching you, take a few steps back and keep your distance. Make sure you have a way to exit if things go bad.

  • Check your backseat for criminals.

When you approach your car, take just a sec to look in your backseat. The last thing you want is to hop in your car, start your engine and then hear an unfamiliar voice from the backseat giving you orders.

  • If you take public transportation, be sure to have something readily available in an emergency.

Pepper spray, mace, stun gun, pocket knife, all of these are great for self-defense. Even if you don’t have any of these, holding a key between your first two fingers can also be used as a makeshift weapon if need be. Whatever you do, make it a point to have something that can help you in a crisis situation. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep in mind, being in control of your own personal safety has nothing to do with fear. Not everyone is a violent criminal and we definitely don’t need to be afraid to leave our homes.

It has been my experience that being prepared has made me less afraid than I ever was before.

What precautions do you take during this holiday season? Do you have any tips you’d like to add?




25 thoughts on “Mugger Robs Woman Then Runs Her Over-Caught On Camera

  1. I often wonder why (unless they are coming from work) people often dress up when they go to malls and shopping centers, and why they bundle up for the 5 minute walk from the car to the mall. Being alert in the situation you describe is key, but being mobile is probably a good idea as well, so big bulky coats that may hinder your movement are probably not a good idea. Just a thought

      1. Hey I just raised the point, I didn’t say I had the answers lol! But, when I lived in the suburbs and did shopping at those big malls and was going inside for hours to shop, I would prefer just having a heavy sweater or fleece on. Just enough to keep me warm on my way there but not enough to bog me down. Plus the malls are always so warm inside anyway. Why lug a coat around with you, though I would certainly hide it in the car so as not to give people a reason to break in the car.

        1. lol It’s also not safe to wear a big, bulky coat while driving because it stretches out the seatbelt more and makes it less snug on your body! So thanks for bringing that up!

    1. Oh yea, I remember that! Only difference was, your spidey sense was a lil off that day! But you instinctively knew the right thing to do in case it wasn’t a false alarm! 😀

  2. That poor lady and what a despicable human being to do such a thing. He (they) need to be removed from the gene pool. All very good tips to remember! I rarely go out at dark anymore, but when I do, I don’t take my purse ever. Anything I need goes in my front jeans pocket. :/

    1. It’s so upsetting to think that instead of being happy and enjoying the holidays, her family is now grieving her death. I’m sure she never thought of that trip to the store as being her last moments on earth.

  3. Tasha, you have the BEST points and ideas for safety here! I hope EVERYONE sees this post, I’m telling my family to come, it’s a MUST READ. Your tips could be a real life saver since they will be more prepared thanks to you. I appreciate all your work to compile this list – good job my friend!!!

  4. Hi Tasha ,,, three more precautions ,,
    1- When you pull in to fill the gas tank take your keys out of the car and lock it while you’re filling up.
    2- When you put packages in the trunk of your car be careful to close the trunk from the side touching as little as possible. Bad people look for fresh finger prints on the edge of the trunk by the key hole and that tells them that somebody has recently put stuff in the trunk.
    3- If you intend on shopping some more in the same area ,,,After you put your packages in the trunk get in the car and drive around the block then park again in a different spot. There are those that watch for you to put things in the trunk and then go back into the store . It’s a perfect opportunity for them to know you probably will be a while.

    ((YAHOO , my life is somewhat back to normal ,, YAHOO 🙂 ))

    1. Lol these are excellent tips Carrie and I certainly LOVE and appreciate your contribution. My son takes a law enforcement class and of course he has to fill me in with every lil detail. Well, they recently had an activity where they had to pretend to pull someone over. I did not know that a officer is required to touch the trunk of your car because if something happens to him/her during that traffic stop they’ll have proof that s/he was somehow connected to that vehicle. Fascinating stuff and you are right on the money my dear!

  5. Tasha ,, one more piece of advice ,,,
    When you shop consider using a purse with a cross over the chest strap and wear your sweater or coat OVER your purse . It would be pretty hard to snatch it from you then.

      1. Hey cute stuff, Carrie never puts anything in her drink . But I might ! It’s me Connie,, Carries mom that’s giving you all those fantabulistic ideas 🙂

        1. Oh my Lawd!!!! Connie, I’m so sorry for getting you mixed up but I have to say….I’m so glad to have you here contributing…you are on a roll!! I’m completely tickled that I got you confused with Carrie but I guess that’s what you get for naming her so close to your name lol jk. Hey, love you dearly and hope that you are doing well!!!! 🙂

    1. It may have been because he was in a hurry to get away and simply did not see her but he is 100% negligent and I hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars for the innocent life he so friviously took without a second thought!

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