How Much Is Safety and Security Worth to You?


I’m no psychic, but I bet there’s a few things that I already know about you. Even though we’ve probably never met before.

How could that be?

Quite simple. The things that I already know about you are traits that most human beings have in common.

To live a happy and healthy life.

Being the best version of yourself as possible.

Protecting what means the most to you.

But what we consider most important to us is sometimes quite different from what we actually do about it.

You may want to live to see your great-grand children grow up, but if you smoke cigarettes you may die a slow, painful, early death.

Or how about this:

Imagine getting up and going to work everyday. Busting your tail, day in and day out so that you can live a comfortable life. Some low-life, knuckle dragger breaks into your house and takes everything that you’ve worked incredibly hard to get.

If this scenario has never happened to you, consider yourself amongst one of the lucky ones. But don’t get too comfortable. Most people never see it coming.

If you are going to protect the people and things that are important to you, then you need a plan.

Sadly, most people wait until tragedy strikes….it jolts them into awareness and consciousness, they learn their lesson. Then do better in the future.

A family may get a house alarm system after being burglarized.

A woman may start to carry mace after being sexually assaulted.

Leaving your kids with someone you’ve just met is no longer a good idea when you notice signs of physical abuse.

Just like sports, you need to play offense as well as defense. 

Which means….you don’t just wait for something bad to happen and then react. Instead, put certain things in place so that if things do go left, you’re already prepared for it.

A house alarm is not going to stop someone from breaking into your home, but it sure will get help to you a lot quicker than having to dial 911 and explain whats going on and risk being heard by the assailants.

You catch my drift?

Plan so that the things that are most important to you in life will be protected.

If you walk to work every single day, know exactly how you will react in an emergency.

If your kids are home alone while you’re working, make sure no one is able to get in and harm them. Discuss house rules and expectations on a consistent basis. A family emergency plan is a must!

I know it’s a lot easier to believe that life will always be as it is today, but the sad truth  is that something can and most likely will happen that’s not all roses and tulips.

But the question is, will you regret not being better prepared?

What are some of the things that you do to stay safe on a consistent basis? What are some things that you can improve on when it comes to your safety and security? 


8 thoughts on “How Much Is Safety and Security Worth to You?

  1. A very useful post Tasha. Well done! And its so true what you say. People have a lot of ‘if only I had…’ moments in bad situations. I think I’ve mentioned some of these to you before, but one thing we do is put a bar in the track of our sliding door, which would be the only other point of entry in our apartment. I’m sure we could do a lot more on a personal and home security standpoint. Reading your post drives the point home that I need to do more!

    1. That’s awesome Robert! You can never be too careful. What I would suggest for you (since I’ve actually been to your house before 🙂 ) would be a glass break and door alarm. However, that is totally optional in your case. Your apartment is small enough that if someone did break the glass you would hear it, and they would have a difficult time getting to your balcony. It’s great that you have bar on the sliding door for added security, we do the same for ours as well! Appreciate you stopping by today Robert!!

      1. That’s a good idea I’ll have to look into, but as you say they would have a hard time getting to it from the balcony. We keep chairs and stuff out there which means they have some obstructions in place to prevent a quick entry or getaway. And my pleasure on stopping by. We have to keep this streak of ours going right? 🙂

  2. You always write so well Tasha! It’s so true that we don’t see it coming, and we don’t want to either of course. You bring up the very important point of how we need to prepare and think ahead. I’m very excited to have you help us do things to protect, provide and be equipped for situations that will arise. Thank you for your foresight!
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