Mom Leaves Daughter To Die In Fire


Erica Rosello in a police mugshot
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A 32-year-old mother named Erica Rosello was cooking when a grease fire started. She attempted to put the fire out by throwing water on it which only caused it to spread. What happened next is not something you would expect from a caring mother.

Instead of making sure that her 6-year-old daughter was safe, Rosello ran from the apartment, leaving her screaming 6-year old behind. She then flagged down a car and asked for a ride to her friend’s house. Once she reached her friend’s house she called her mom, Angelica Tabio, and said that her daughter was dead.

Tabio assured her that her daughter was not dead, but in stable condition at the hospital. Firefighters were able to rescue the girl from the smoldering flames and saved her life.

Ironically, Rosello’s boyfriend is a firefighter.

Rosello was arrested and charged with child neglect. She has since posted bail and is on house arrest. Her 6-year old is in the custody of her maternal grandmother and Rosello is not allowed to contact her.

My thoughts:

There are many times that a fire is so intense that a parent or caregiver is not physically able to get all occupants out to safety. However, there’s no way this grease fire consumed this entire apartment in just a few moments it would take for Erica to locate her daughter and lead her to safety.

With her boyfriend being a firefighter, why didn’t she know that you are never supposed to use water to put out a grease fire?

Salt works wonders for grease fires.

Even if she didn’t know about the salt remedy, did she try covering the fire with lid and turning the stove off? These are all questions I’m sure she’s going to have to answer in court.

This story had a happy ending because this child survived thanks to the courageous firemen who risked their own lives to save hers. Hopefully, being abandoned by her mother during her most dire time of need doesn’t scar her for life.

What do you think of this moms actions? Should she be charged with neglect or is it possible the fire was too much for her to handle?

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15 thoughts on “Mom Leaves Daughter To Die In Fire

  1. Disturbing, to say the least. As a mom, I personally wouldn’t care how bad the fire was, my first instinct is to save my child, or die trying. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I didn’t do everything in my power to make my child safe. This woman obviously doesn’t have a conscience or is mentally disturbed. Very sad.
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    1. Yes, I couldn’t imagine reacting the way that she did. A fire is an excruciating way to die, even though most will die of smoke inhalation before the actual fire reaches them…it’s just hard to imagine what was running through this mothers head.

    1. That’s exactly the way it appears Jackie…maybe the fire was even started on purpose. I mean, who throws water on a grease fire besides a young child that doesn’t know any better. Certainly not the girlfriend of a firefighter!

  2. I think that we shouldn’t judge too quickly. You never know what the mother has been through her lifetime, you never know if she was suffering from depression or other mental illness. It is unforgivable to leave a child behind in such circumstances. I’m just saying that she might have done for a reason. It doesn’t make it pardonable, but it makes her look more human. Also, media coverage always colours the stories and there’s usually a lot of shaming and the good news are always in the dark.

    1. Yea I get what you’re saying Katie and totally value your opinion. It’s really hard not to judge when a young child’s well-being is at stake. If she has a mental illness that was the cause of her reaction, then it is definitely a good thing the child is in the custody of her grandmother so that something similar to this doesn’t happen again. The child’s life matters most in my opinion. Hopefully the mother will get the help that she needs to be there for her daughter in the future.

  3. The beginning of the story seemed callous to me, but upon further reading it became clear to me that she was trying to kill her daughter. She may have a mental problem. Questions: why didn’t she call 911? Why did she go to a friend’s house? Why did she call her mom, and not her firefighter boyfriend? These are questions that need answers. It sounds like premeditated murder to me. But that’s just my opinion.

    1. Ok. All I’ve done since reading the above story is try to find a reason for Erica’s actions. I don’t know what I would do if faced with the same situation. I hope I wouldn’t leave a child behind. I hope that I would be lucid enough to call 911. If she’s mentally challenged or experienced a psychotic episode, I hope she gets the help she needs.

      1. I’ve read stories of parents who were unable to save their children during a fire and my heart goes out to them because there’s nothing they could have done at the moment….but it just seems that this lady had ample opportunity to save this young child but chose not to. Yes let’s hope she seeks help for this!!!

    1. Which I’m sure is the reason why she was arrested to begin with. A parent who was truly unable to rescue their child would not have been taken away in handcuffs. It’s an unfortunate and sad situation.

  4. I was almost suckered into being sympathetic to this #$%&$%!!! (I don’t even cuss but she almost brought that out in me). I am so sad for some of these little kids. The parents they have are horrific! This story reminds me of the Susan Smith case in South Carolina years ago. I remember my mom saying immediately that Susan killed those kids because a mother’s instinct would automatically kick in to protect her child. Where was the motherly instinct or the human instinct for that matter. God help these poor little kids. They have their hands full with some of the parents of today.
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    1. I feel your frustration…I feel the same way when I hear stories like this one. Just recently, a 2 year-old lil gitl died in a fire because her mom was not at home at the time. Guess where they found her body? Under her bed…can you imagine the horror she endured just before her death? She was so scared, she hid under her bed. It’s just too upsetting to even ponder.

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