Does Law Enforcement Really Protect and Serve?

Are Law Enforcement Officers required to protect citizens from danger?

On the side of many law enforcement vehicles you’ll see the phrase “To protect and serve.” But is that what they really do?

This is not a post bashing cops, I’m not sure what kind of society we’d be living in without someone enforcing the law.

But that’s what they do, law enforcement. How ridiculous is it to view police officers as body guards?

Don’t think that’s your particular mindset? Answer this simple question:

Are you able to protect yourself from bodily harm from another person?

If you answered yes, bravo…you’ve earned yourself a gold star in the school of self-defense and possibly even a longer life.

The other Side of the Coin

However, if your go-to defense is 9-1-1, well then, I’ve got some bad news for you.

In the time that it takes for your “bodyguard” to show up to work, you could already be badly injured, or even worst, dead. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

Starting today, you need to change your way of thinking. Take time to really think about how you would handle a potentially violent situation. If you’re a parent, how would you protect your children? Have a family emergency plan and be sure to have age appropriate discussions with them about it.

It works. I know from experience. I couldn’t be any more proud of my son and how he handled a gun situation with a neighborhood kid when he was only 7 years old. He made it home unharmed due to the frequent chats I’ve had with him about gun safety. He knew to leave the area immediately without bringing attention to himself or the gun, and came straight home.

Police officers are responders. The only time they are really capable of preventing a crime is when they are at the right place at the right time.But just like I wouldn’t gamble my house note on a game of black jacks, neither would I bet my life on being rescued in the nick of time by the boys in blue. It’s just not how I’m wired. And neither should you.

It’s YOUR life. It’s YOUR responsibility to protect it.





4 thoughts on “Does Law Enforcement Really Protect and Serve?

  1. You make a great distinction here Tasha, and a very important one. Another downside to everyone walking around with phones in their hands is that we feel a little too connected to possibly making that 911 call as opposed to evaluating the situation and going into self-defense mode. Put it in terms of a medical situation. Yes, there are times when calling that ambulance is the best and only move one should make. But there are other times when someone could go to the emergency room on their own, or with a friend.

    1. Good point. Even with a cell phone in hand, you still have to dial 911 and explain who, what, when and where….which is very difficult to do if you’re being attacked. You have a greater chance of that phone flying outta your hand at that time then the police mysteriously swooping up and saving you.

      1. Very true! I guess my main point was just to think first, as your son did. I just hear so many of these ridiculous stories about people calling 911 now for stupid things. The reason is they are so wired in to that being the only answer….because the phone is in their hands, as opposed to thinking about a response.

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