Judge Orders Man to Marry His Girlfriend After Fight With Ex

josten bundy
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Whenever you stand before a judge in a court of law, you never know what ruling the judge may render. This is most certainly the case for Josten Bundy after he picked a fight with his girlfriend’s ex boyfriend.

Allegedly, the ex boyfriend was saying disrespectful things about his girlfriend, Elizabeth Jaynes. Bundy was not happy about that and defended her, in the most literal sense of the word, hitting him in the jaw twice.

Bundy said that he has four sisters and would probably do the same thing if it happened again.

Although the ex was not badly hurt, he pressed charges anyway. Judge Rodgers decided that the best way to rectify the situation was to give Bundy an ultimatum; marry Jaynes within 30 days or spend 15 days in prison.

Bundy feared losing his job so he quickly made plans to get married. Although they’d discussed marriage in the past, they didn’t feel this was the right time. They also feel cheated out of having the weeding of their dreams.

They are now considering the legality of the judges order.

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4 thoughts on “Judge Orders Man to Marry His Girlfriend After Fight With Ex

  1. Goodness,,, he got married because he was afraid of losing his job if he was in jail.
    I kinda would not marry the bum if that’s why he agreed to tie the knot .
    She kinda should turn tail and run as fast as her little legs would carry her .

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