How to Stay Safe on a First Date


How to Stay Safe on A First Date
Going on a first date with someone can be exciting, especially if both parties possess the necessary chemistry to make it to a 2nd date. Unfortunately, it can also turn out to be one of the worst moments of your life should you fall for someone whose tongue is as slick as an ice sickle and motives are less than pure. That is why you need to put your safety first. Here are some great tips:
1. Do a background check.

With the state of the world today and the level of immorality and crime amongst people, you cannot simply trust everyone you meet. As such, if you are going on a first date with someone you have just met, or if it is a blind date, make sure to do a background check on him first. You may for instance, Google him or view his social network accounts and ask his friends about him. Or in the case of a blind date, ask the person connecting you about him. Be sure to ask about any bad qualities. Chances are, the matchmaker may intentionally hold back on dishing the dirt about his negatives qualities in an effort to get you to agree to the date. If she doesn’t give you his good and bad characteristics then either she doesn’t know him very well or doesn’t want to discourage you from going on the date. Either way this is not good. The last thing you need is for his wife to show up because she’d had a hunch he’d been unfaithful.

2. Go on a double date.

To ensure your safety, ask another couple to join you on the date. That’s always more comfortable when you’re meeting someone for the first time. And if for some reason you and your date don’t hit it off, at least there’s someone else there to make it less awkward for the both of you.

3. Focus on the present

Don’t be one of those women who begin imagining how their relationship with a guy will turn out while on a first date! This is dangerous. You need to stay focused on the present. That way you will be able to learn a lot about your date from what he says, how he presents himself, and his body language. A background search is not sufficient; some guys are very sly. Should you feel that your safety is threatened during the date, trust your instincts and get out of there. Ask a friend to come get you.

4. Meet in a public place

This will boost your safety by a great deal. The majority of criminals have one thing in common; they love the dark and privacy. When you are amongst many people, your date (should he unfortunately have malicious plans for you) will not have the best chance to harm you.

5. Go loaded

For maximum safety, go armed. You should carry a stun gunpepper spray, a firearm or take defense lessons. Also make sure that your object of defense is easily accessible for fast action, or reaction.

However, as much as you have to put your safety first, try to enjoy your date. Remember, not all guys are bad guys, you never know, but you may just come across the love of your life!

 Do you have any first date disasters or tips you’d like to share?


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