How To Prevent A Dog Attack

Your child is walking home from school or maybe even a friend’s house when they come face to face with a ferocious dog….what should he do?

Most kids are going to run out of fear. Most children are not told what they should do in a situation like that so they try to get away, which in return, causes the dog to chase after them.

It’s really difficult to explain to a child that they should stand still and look away from a dog that appears as if it wants to attack. Although this is better than running, the child would be scared beyond measure and would probably panic. Not only that, but what if the dog attacked anyway?

There are too many instances of kids being bitten and attacked by dogs to just hope it never happens to your child.

The inexpensive Electronic Dog Repeller uses a non-harmful high frequency sound [heard only by dogs] and a temporarily blinding bright LED flashing strobe to ward off an approaching dog.

Electronic Dog Repeller
Electronic Dog Repeller

There is no harm done to the dog and the would be victim is able to get away safely. Now that’s a win-win situation.

This device can also be used as a flashlight and is great for all outdoor activities and all ages beyond preschool.

There’s also Mace designed specifically for dogs. Canine pepper spray pretty much has the same effect on dogs as regular Mace has on humans. This would result in the dog experiencing a bit of pain for a short period of time.

Mace® Canine Repellent
Mace® Canine Repellent

Another drawback would be that it’s not practical to give a young child Mace of any kind, if that’s what you need it for. However, it’s perfectly fine for young adults and it doesn’t rely on a battery like the Electronic Dog Repeller.

With summer fast approaching, will you be safe from an aggressive dog? How have you prepared your children to handle such an encounter?


10 thoughts on “How To Prevent A Dog Attack

  1. This is a very important topic. One of my brothers was attacked by a dog when we were younger and in the whole running to get away he was badly injured that he required surgery to get his right hand working again. Great advice
    I will share this next week as part of my tips for keeping children safe during the break.

    1. That’s horrible Jackie! When I was a kid I saw a boy get his eye bit by a ferocious dog that jumped a fence. It is definitely scary to encounter a dog that is ready to attack and not know what to do!Thank you for sharing your story and the post itself!

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  3. Useful post and what a useful product Tasha! I knew they had those high pitch dog whistles but this seems like a win win item to throw in a kids backpack. Great job!

  4. Great Post. My Step son when he was much younger (6 or 7) got attacked by a dog. He was less then 12 hours from having to start the rabies series when the dog and owner were found. It was pretty bad. These are some great ideas to help kids stay safe.

    1. That is horrible! Thank goodness the dog and owner were found in time! Dog attacks are very traumatic for young children. Glad he’s OK.

  5. I’ll have to look into one of those electronic things. That’s one thing that worries me when running… the animals. I wonder if it would work on other animals, like cougars and bears? Occasionally we get sightings on the trail, and it would just be nice to have something like this to veer them away. 😀 And if it worked on bears, then I could totally take it next year to the Tetons!! And I wouldn’t have to worry about running at night, hehe!
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