How To Escape Being Bound By Zip Ties

Being held against your will is obviously no fun and certainly not an ideal situation. (Unless, of course, you enjoy that kinda stuff with someone you trust. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. So FOCUS!)

If someone has plans to harm you and/or hold you hostage for any period of time, they’re going to need to make sure you don’t escape. One way to do this is by binding your hands together.

There are many ways to accomplish this. The most common items used are rope, duct tape and zip ties.

The good news is that the method used to escape a zip tie will also work if you’re bound by duct tape.

Here’s how it works:

1. Tighten the zip tie with your teeth.

This allows for greater force against the zip tie when breaking loose. Skip this step for duct tape.

2. Raise your hands above your head.

3. Make sure the lock is between your wrists and bring your arms down really fast.

4. Be sure to bring your elbows away from your body.

5. Aim for your stomach (but don’t punch yourself, that might hurt). Now you’re free and ready to make your escape.

If your hands are bound behind your back, just bring them over your feet and to the front of you.

Being bound by zip ties, duct tape or whatever is not something you ever expect forced upon you. It’s certainly good to know how to escape….just in case.

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4 thoughts on “How To Escape Being Bound By Zip Ties

    1. Definitely one to store in your memory bank Rob, in the hopes that it’s useless knowledge (meaning you never have to use it) but extremely helpfully in the unfortunate case that you do!

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