How Efffective Is Pepper Spray?

pepper spray

How effective is Pepper Spray? The largest law enforcement agency in the United States stands by it. The New York Police Department distributes it to over 35,000-plus law enforcement officers. Nationwide, it’s the 1st weapon an officer utilizes against an assertive perpetrator. The TASER comes in 2nd place, and of course lastly the firearm may be deployed. Records show that often times the initial reaction is all that is needed.

The United States Postal Service employs well over 300,000 letter carriers all of whom may encounter dogs on their routes so they are issued Pepper Spray as well. Oleoresin Capsicum or OC, is the active ingredient in these sprays. It’s totally natural and organic and is stemmed from cayenne pepper. The substances of various other hot peppers can be utilized also. The pepper by-products are highly cultivated in order to get optimum efficiency. It’s kept in a non-active ingredient such as oil or water. It is dispensed directly from an aerosol can. Different sizes are offered up to a few ounces. If threatened, victims can just spray straight into their attacker’s face.

Pepper spray is extremely inflammatory. It causes temporary loss of sight, painful burns, swelling, and shortness of breath. These reactions are short-term and cause no lasting effects. The length of its total effect should be around 30 to 45 minutes, with milder symptoms lasting a few hours.
Dog Spray and Bear Spray are particularly formulated for protection from them.

Pepper Spray ought to be basic accessory for every bicyclist, jogger or walker. Every lady, young girl, and elderly individual should definitely have Pepper Spray readily accessible at all times, in the event of an attack by dogs or violent criminals.

Many carriers have a preference of the spray rather than mist fog or mist. The spray has a less chance of being dispersed back at you by the wind or breezes. When using Pepper Spray be careful not to get the spray in your own eyes. Additionally, understand that even when you are precise it is most certain that there will be a little bit of pepper spray remnant on your fingers. You must definitely not rub your eyes before you have carefully washed your hands with soap and water.

Non-lethal self defense mechanisms are not 100% guaranteed to completely stop an attacker. Therefore, always have escape at the forefront of your mind as plan “A”. Be certain your assailant is within close proximity of your spray-10 feet or less generally. However, do not walk towards him to get a better position.

Aim for his eyes. Spray, back up and do it again. Each spray should last no longer than a second. Never keep your finger pressed on the button. You will quickly run out of spray. Brief, one second spurts allow you observe where the spray is striking your assailant and gives you the chance to re-position for the next round. After the spray has struck your opponent in the face you should quickly get away from the area. Don’t bother stopping to dial law enforcement. Wait until you are safe.

I’d suggest you buy inert (no active ingredient) sprays so that you can practice and become familiar with them. Remember, don’t keep your arm directly out like you’re spray painting a wall. Your assailant might have the ability to hit the spray out of your hand. Instead, keep the spray close to you. Spray. Re-aim. Spray again. Now leave, fast.
Be aware! Be vigilant!


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  1. I LOVE this post and it is such great advice! Thank you Tasha for spelling this out for us and providing so much pertinent information. It is so important I featured it on my fb page so others can learn from you. Carrie, A Mother's Shadow

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