What To Get Mom For Mother’s Day

The Perfect Gift For Her



How many times a year do you buy your mom a gift? Let’s count and see….there’s her birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas. At least three times a year, right? There may be other traditions and celebrations that may warrant a gift as well. So how do you always know what to get mom for these special occasions?

If your mom is anything like mine then she’s a tough cookie to shop for. After giving so many gifts throughout the year, my mother-in-law pretty much has it all.

When you find yourself racking your brain over what gift to get mom, that’s when you know it’s time to keep it simple.

Here are a few guidelines to use when determining what to get mom or anyone else you may be looking for a gift for.

Is it thoughtful?

When shopping for someone else remember to keep that person’s taste/like/interest in mind. What is their favorite color? Are they loyal to a particular brand? How often do they talk about a certain subject or topic?

Try not to base the gift around something that you like instead of the person you’re giving it to. Unless, of course, you have similar shopping habits.

Is it useful?

Some of the best gifts are those that are actually usefully to the recipient. A new set of pots and pans when mom already has 2 sets probably won’t get used much.  They’ll either sit in a box somewhere in the garage or get returned for something more useful.

But if mom has been using a phone with a cracked screen for a while then a new phone would definitely be a top priority. Wouldn’t want her slicing her finger on the broken screen, now would you?

Is it necessary?

Another important factor to consider when thinking of what to get mom or someone else is whether it is truly necessary. Not all gifts fit this bill. Flowers, candy and cards are not always necessary….and there’s certainly nothing wrong with those items as gifts. But when you give something that is necessary it makes the gift that much more special and meaningful.

For example, a new pair of reading glasses from the local drugstore would be necessary if her old pair were broken or lost and needed replacing. Not being able to see close up would not only be a nuisance but a hindrance to a good quality of life.

A perfect gift idea

Definitely a gift she’ll love ~ Comes with 1- Runt 20 Million Volt Stun Gun, 1- Mace Purse Model Pepper Spray, 1- Heart Attack Key Chain, 1- Foldable Credit Card Knife, 1- Drink Guard Date Rate Drug Detector


This personal safety gift basket makes the perfect gift for not only Mother’s Day but for any occasion.

It’s thoughtful because you care about your loved ones safety. You want to make sure she is well protected at all times.

It’s useful because she may never need it, but if or when she does, she will have it to keep safe.

It’s necessary because all women need to be able to defend themselves from low-life a**holes that would prey upon them.

No need to wonder anymore what to get mom, this personal safety gift basket has exactly what you and your loved one wants ~ protection.

For other gift ideas.

Have you made sure that your mom is protected?


3 thoughts on “What To Get Mom For Mother’s Day

  1. GREAT ideas that ARE useful and needed! I wouldn’t have to dust them, lol, but all kidding aside I would feel so much safer. Thank you for your amazing product list and how you keep teaching us how to be more aware and guarded, but still enjoy life and others; even strangers we come across. You have a gift my friend 🙂

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