Gathering Evidence With a Bluetooth Body Cam

When I was a teenager, cordless phones were a big deal. It allowed you to take the phone from one room to another, giving you the opportunity for privacy while chatting.

We didn’t have a cordless phone growing up. We had the next best thing which was a 25 ft. cord that would at least let us take the phone with us into the bedroom that was right next to the living room.

That was in the early 90’s….fast forward to today where very few homes have a landline and cell phones are in abundance. Cell phone technology [along with the Internet] has completely changed the dynamics of communication.

Think about the last time someone whipped out their phone to take a picture and you just happened to be close enough to actually be caught in the photo?

It can feel a bit invasive.

Have you ever had a friend or relative post an unflattering picture of you on social media? Or maybe a photo of your child without your permission?

We live in a surveillance society where anything that is said or done can easily be caught on someone’s cell phone.

But what if you need to capture something on video….but you need it done secretly? If you’re being sexually harassed at work, pulling out your cellphone won’t help you much.

Maybe your ex is verbally abusing and threatening you whenever you exchange your kids. Having proof of this will definitely help your case in court.

Even getting pulled over by the police may warrant a secret video (pun intended). There are always a few bad apples within any group of people and the law is not exempt from that fact.

Whatever the case may be, you can get the footage you need using the Earpiece Camera DVR. It looks just like a bluetooth earpiece.

Earpiece Camera DVR
Earpiece Camera DVR


It records in color and is capable of taking still images. This body cam is discreet and no one will know that you are recording them. Especially the fool that’s acting like one!

So when the time comes, you won’t have to worry about it being your word against his/hers…because it will be their word against your video.


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