Funny Friday |St Patty’s Day

Are you celebrating St Patty’s Day today?

kermit drinking tea forgot it was st pattys day


Happy St. Patty’s Day! Hope you’ve had a productive week. I know I have.

Enjoy the funnies!


pour milk then cereal in bowl


buy a girl a book at the book store

Ignoring beautician's advice

sign about cremation

difference between family and relatives

sword family cartoon

shopping cart on brick

free cat with unsuccessful relationships

on phone while watching movie

inspired by Giuseppe Colarusso

netflix dating service

black car says surelock holmes

on top of furniture while talking on the phone

difference between men and women

help me wife wont leave

liquor store sign

hypnosis cartoon

waldo meditating

large pic of kim jong-on on top of car

suicidal deer sign

Canada welcomes Australians

In queso emergency pray to cheeses

Arab on motorcycle

boiling water

CIA spying social media

dog tag says oh shit I'm lost

Have a wonderful weekend! Be safe!



One thought on “Funny Friday |St Patty’s Day

  1. For some reason the Oh shit I’m lost made me laugh, as well as the differences between men and women. Not saying that resembles me at all. Nope…far from it. Galaxies away in fact. 😉

    Happy Weekend my friend!

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