Funny Friday |Spring Into Laughter


smiling potato

Now that it is Spring…what are you looking forward too?

Warmer weather?

Spring Break?

Last few months of school?

Whatever it is that you have planned for the near future, remember not to take yourself too seriously and just enjoy the moment.

Oh yea, and these funnies as well!

German sausage wifi signal

toilet paper phone holder

McDonalds sandwich cheese on outside of bun

dog looking back on plane

burgers on grill

hair clip looks like a spider

white dog sleeping in bed

family photo with smiling dog

Pitbull sitting up on couch

two skeletons facing each other laughing

the joker

man in leather chair with walking cane

dog sitting at table with lots of food

looking for remote

sitting dog

cat trying to sleep

draw a line to the correct answer

red ball

farting clown

flying bird in the sunset

nervous puppet

mushrooms hugging on a plate

blocking the sun with hand

torn box

playground next to ditch

white man with a smirk

laughing moccasins

Albert Einstein

Have a wonderful weekend! Be safe!




5 thoughts on “Funny Friday |Spring Into Laughter

  1. Ah another good collection. The toilet paper phone holder was my favorite! Man am I ever glad its Friday. My week was stressful and filled with…you guessed it-spreadsheets! Happy Friday bud!

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