Funny Friday | A Quick Joke


well that didn't work autobiography

A quick joke:

A hamburger walks into a bar and orders a beer….

…the bartender says “We don’t serve food here”.

drops microphone

Enjoy the funnies!

pink flamingo and brown duck standing on one leg

co-workers I want to punch black book

skateboarding on cracked street

green childhood trauma soap

cat covered in bread

distance between 8 and 6

enough pasta for 110 people

tv show has ended brochure

which came first chicken or the egg

women and men bathroom signs

past away written on tomb stone

lying under grass

shark in water

toe and corner of furniture kiss

graph on what's really crazy

funny dog cartoon

only man in heaven taking out the trash

white power cord

cat staring at beige couch

clever answer on homework

water and wine aisle at grocery store

preppy dressed young men

cutting carbs with pizza cutter

shark attack

man wearing cone to keep from looking at his phone

floppy disk making fun of cd

black scooter says hardly davidson

fishing to relax or murder

Have a wonderful weekend! Be safe!


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