Funny Friday | “F” This Weekend

“F” as in Forget……

…forget this weekend already. I just looked at the calendar on my phone and realized that this is the most dreaded weekend all year around…for some of us.

I like to think positive and look on the bright side of things but how can I?

I just want to run back into the arms of November and say Oh, will you forever be mine?

I suppose I could always do something drastic such as move to Arizona or Hawaii…but no, that wont happen.

Instead, I guess I’ll just pour out a lil liquor this weekend…

…in loving memory of the hour that will so suddenly disappear on Sunday morning.

RIP one hour……catch you in the fall!



4 thoughts on “Funny Friday | “F” This Weekend

  1. Oh I love all the cat related ones and the pie chart ones especially! Having just been to Ikea a few weeks ago that one cracked me up! Although for us this time we found what we needed early but then had to do the maze. Happy Friday my friend. Just take a nap Sunday afternoon and you will catch up!

  2. The thing that always impresses me about this jokes is how funny they are, yet laden with atoms of truth in them. No 1 got me. I know people who would tell you that they didn’t hear their phone ring meanwhile their phone is perpetually clutched in their hands that I wonder if their fingers are not permanently curved.

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