Fireworks Are Not Worth Dying For


Fireworks are spectacular to watch and a great source of entertainment. However, they are certainly not worth dying for. Sunday night, a 12-year-old boy from Tennessee died from a tragic accident after the shell he was holding exploded in his hands.

Antonio Braden, 12, died from his injuries at the hospital.
Antonio Braden, 12, died from his injuries at the hospital.

As fun as fireworks are, they are still explosives and should be handled with care. Parents, please make sure you are supervising your kids when fireworks are being lit. Make sure they know not to hold explosive fireworks after they’ve been lit. Also be sure to explain to them how dangerous it is to point them at others. It’s amazing how many foolish people will light a roman candle and then point it directly in someone else’s direction.

Roman candle pointed directly at this young man’s chest

Younger children should never handle fireworks beyond the age appropriate items such as the sparklers, snaps, etc. Really young children are usually afraid of fireworks because of the loud sounds they make. They seem to intuitively know that there’s something potentially dangerous about them. It’s not uncommon for them to avoid the louder, explosive fireworks. Try to be sensitive to that and assure them they are safe. If that doesn’t work, remove them completely and do another activity that is more calming.

Everyone’s goal should be to have a good timeĀ and to do so safely.

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