How To Escape A Wrist Grab

man grabs woman's wrist

The Wrist Grab


If someone grabs your wrist, the most very common reaction is to pull away from the person. However, unless your assailant has an extremely weak grip, pulling away can actually cause more harm than good. And unless you can get that person to loosen their grip, there’s not a whole that can be accomplished.

Unless, of course, you know how to escape. I will explain two different method’s: The one hand grab and the two hand grab.

Escaping The One Hand Grab

If someone has grabbed just one of your wrists, the way to get out of their grip is simple.

First, rotate your wrist so that if possible, you could bounce a ball. Now, jerk your arm towards your chest, bending your elbow.

Hooray!!! Now you’re free.

Practice on a friend or loved one to see just how simple that maneuver really is.

Escaping The Two Hand Grab

When someone has grabbed both of your wrist, the technique is just a little different, but just as easy.

First, bring both hands together as much as you can. Almost like you’re going to clap.

Then bring both hands over your head, as high as you can (like you’re in prayer mode).

Now this next part is where the attacker completely looses their grip.

Once your hands are together high above your head….now you need to separate them. Pretend you’re making an O with your hands. Your left hand should go in a large semi-circle towards the left. Your right hand should go into a semi-circle towards the right. Both at the same time.

Once again, you’re free.

Now get as far away as possible. Or spray the person with pepper spray to keep them from chasing you.

Have you ever been grabbed by the wrist/arm? 



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