Don’t Open That Door

Parents, it’s imperative that you teach your children not to open the door to your home to a visitorĀ unless they have prior permission from you first. Your child can be easily manipulated or physically overpowered by a violent criminal.

Most parents tell their kids not to answer the door when they’re home alone but the truth is they should not open the door even when someone is home. By the time the adult knows what’s taking place, they will be caught completely off guard and most likely will not be prepared to defend themselves or family.

If you have a child that continues to answer the door even after being told not to…try this experiment on them so that they can visualize for themselves the potential danger they may be putting themselves in. Have a co-worker or neighbor (someone they don’t know) come to your door and ask to come in. If they let this person, you have now created a great opportunity to have a dialogue about opening the door to strangers.

If your child answers the door but doesn’t allow the stranger to come in, then pat yourself on the back for a job well-done. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that s/he still opened the door to a complete stranger therefore putting himself in harm’s way. Talk to him about that and watch this video with them.


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