Don’t Feed The Clowns

As if we didn’t have enough going on in the USA….

….now we seem to have a clown epidemic on our hands. I mean, c’mon, really? It seems sort of a metaphor for how we may be perceived by other countries/cultures around the world.

Just a bunch of clowns. 

And we may as well be. This upcoming presidential election is nothing more than a circus act. We have collectively lost our minds. And it happens every 4 years.

But this post isn’t about politics.

Why are so many people dressing up like clowns?

The answer is simple:

#1 is fear….there is a sense of power in making other people afraid.

#2 is copycats….our country is full of them. Anything that gets attention will be copied by someone else seeking that same attention.

#3 is thrill seeking…the same desire that some people have to jump out of airplanes and climb huge mountains in the dead of winter, could also possibly drive someone to dress up as a scary clown and risk getting killed in the process.

How do we get rid of these clowns?

The fact that these individuals are seeking attention, it only makes sense that we ignore them.

  • Don’t pull out your cell phone and take a pic.
  • Don’t say “Ew, there goes one of those clowns!”
  • Don’t act amused in any way.
  • Don’t laugh or converse him/her

I guarantee you, once the attention goes away, so does the clowns.

However, if you come in contact with someone dressed as a clown and they are carrying a weapon or look threatening in any way, your best bet is to put as much distance between you and the individual as possible.

For those who fear clowns

I truly believe that these random clown sightings will cause even more people to have a phobia of them.  And my heart goes out to you.

Although I don’t personally fear clowns….there is absolutely no way you could ever leave me in the same room as a rodent…particularly mice or rats.

Just a few months into my marriage, my newlywed  husband witnessed me jump on top of our dining room table, pregnant and bawling my eyes out….all because a tiny, lil ‘ol mouse crossed my path. I walked on egg shells for weeks after that….even though my husband successfully got rid of the mouse.

We all have phobias….and as irrational as they are, they’re real.

So if you’re afraid of clowns, instead of staying in the house because you’re afraid, just carry some vampire pepper spray with you. (Maybe we’ll have to come out with a special formula particularly for clowns).

Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray
Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray

And if you run into someone intentionally trying to scare you (not at the circus or a kids party…or anyplace where they normally are) go ahead and show him what s/he signed up for when they decided to scare you.

Also, make sure you stay home Halloween night and keep your porch light off.

I have a feeling they will be all over the place on October 31st.

Have you witnessed a clown sighting? Do you have any suggestions for those who are scared of clowns?



7 thoughts on “Don’t Feed The Clowns

  1. I don’t get this whole thing either, and of course someone’s idea gets copied by someone else and goes viral, whether its a good thing or not. Its not just me getting older, but sometimes, I really do yearn for the simpler days!

  2. Oh shoot. I didn’t think about Halloween night. I’ll have to give that some serious consideration.

    AJ was so freaked out yesterday that he didn’t want to go to school today. He had heard that the high school and elementary school were on lock down yesterday because of the clowns. So sad. It’s a real problem. Stupid stupid people.

    Needless to say, we did receive a letter from the district saying the school security and local police were investgating. Apparently one of our high school students did receive a threat against teachers and students through social media. Hence, the lockdown. They didn’t clarify whether it was clown related.
    Paula recently posted…Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break My StrideMy Profile

    1. Poor AJ…no kid should be subject to this kind of foolishness. We’ve had the same problems in our area with clowns showing up at the High Schools. Hopefully, once Halloween is over, this inconsiderate fad will fade away.

  3. You put this SO well as you always do! And I agree totally with everything you wrote. The way we should act if it happens to us and the way to be prepared is perfect!!! Thank you for another terrific post that is so pertinent to what is going on around us today. Keep up the GREAT work Tasha, we NEED you!
    Carrie Groneman recently posted…2nd Sunday – Sept ’16My Profile

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