How To Defend Yourself Against United Airlines


united airlines lobby

We all know that United Airlines has earned itself a bit of a bad rep since violently dragging a physician off the aircraft, booting a bride and groom during another flight AND another person getting stung by a scorpion during a flight.

I recently came across this tongue-in-cheek video on how to defend yourself against United Airlines. Obviously, if you try any of these moves on an air marshall you just may find yourself with a little more than just a few bruises. As well as void of any monetary compensation that you may be entitled to. But nonetheless, it’s always good to know what your options are if you’re ever dragged by someone who’s not strapped with a badge and a gun.

Try any of these at your own risk.


5 thoughts on “How To Defend Yourself Against United Airlines

  1. I saw this in the news. I was so shock when the video was played. I know about some airline rules but resorting to hurt a customer is just….*insert angry face* They would have resolved it in a better way.

    1. They should do something about overbooking. It really isn’t fair to the customer who bought a ticket. When most people fly, they usually need to be somewhere quickly. That’s the benefit of flying, you get to your destination quicker. For them to drag a paying customer off the plane like that makes them look really bad.

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