Cop Kicked Out Of Olive Garden Because of Gun

A uniformed cop in Kansas City, Mo was looking forward to celebrating his birthday with lunch at Olive Garden. While waiting for his family to arrive, Officer Michael Holsworth was asked to leave by a hostess because of his holstered duty gun.

He complained about the incident on his Facebook saying that although he’d heard about such incidences happening to other police officers, he never thought it would happen to him. His post was shared over 5,000 times on the site.

Although it’s legal to openly carry in Missouri, Olive Garden has a policy of no guns which is why the officer was asked to leave by the hostess.

This ordeal has terribly upset the Fraternal Order of Police in KC, MO which has vowed to boycott the so-called family friendly restaurant.

Olive Garden has since reached out to Holsworth to offer an apology and insists it was all a misunderstanding.

In 2004, Holsworth earned a Distinguished Service Metal for being one of 3 officers who shot and killed an armed burglar responsible for a triple homicide.

Is it just me, or is this the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? If cops aren’t allowed in certain businesses due to a no gun policy, how are they suppose to protect and serve the public? 




15 thoughts on “Cop Kicked Out Of Olive Garden Because of Gun

  1. Hmm! A bit dicey! What are their reasons for feeling so skittish about officers carrying their guns within the premises? I guess it might be a fall-out of the spurious gun incidents in the country that is raising these little biases.

    1. That could be…and police brutality is a very big problem here…however, officers are required to carry their gun while in uniform. What if there’s a disturbance in Olive Garden? Will the cops have to wait outside for the bad guys to leave? Just seems silly to me lol

      1. It does appear silly and there should be a balance somewhere. It is really sad when officers are now being viewed as the public enemy. Something really has to change to make people feel more at ease in having officers at law around them. I recall some months ago when we went for chinese buffet back in Houston, two cops walked in to eat (armed of course) Tasha, you could almost slice the quietness of the place with a knife for several moments when they came in.

  2. I certainly approve of the Olive Garden policy but this to me is clearly a case of not thinking logically. On duty police should absolutely be allowed to carry their holstered weapons everywhere. The logical extension of this is, will they have a policy against carrying a walkie talkie in as well for fear of disrupting people’s meals? I’ve been in places where police and firefighters have to bolt because of emergencies and I would not like to see the alternative.

    1. Policy or not…there’s always a way around it. Most violent criminals conceal carry anyway so you wouldn’t even know it until it was too late. I personally think policies like this do more harm than good [for the establishment] because many of us carriers refuse to frequent places like that!! Hey, thanks for your input Robert!

      1. Not to mention that I doubt they would even realize not only the criminals, but a Federal agent or a detective. More importantly there is a much bigger issue at stake, that no one has mentioned which I feel is important…It’s the freaking Olive Garden! Much better food can be found elsewhere…except maybe those damn breadsticks! ?

        1. Lmbo…right!! I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten there. The food is definitely not memorable nor does it resemble real Italian food. Excellent point, Robert

  3. you would think that you would welcome the officers in your facilty…they are the ones that respond when you call…to ask them to leave was just asinine…thanks for sharing..kat

  4. I would welcome and want an officer, with a weapon, in my establishment – you never know if/when there is a need for him, or her, to use it to defend the innocent public. Very intriguing post Tasha! Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

    1. Where I live there’s a chain gas station called “Q-Trip”….they offer unlimited free drinks to law enforcement just so that police would regularly frequent their gas stations. Pretty much genius idea…it keeps them well protected from criminals who may want to rob them. You would think all businesses would want police around to curb unlawful activities.

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