Cashiers Not Helping The Next Person In Line


We’ve heard the gripes from those who are currently employed as cashiers or are ex-employees:

Get off your phone while checking out.

Stop commenting on how much cheaper our competitor is.

Don’t leave your shopping cart for me to put away.

Don’t leave items you no longer want stuffed in the candy or magazine rack at the register.

Yea, customers can definitely be rude sometimes.

But then again, so can cashiers.


If you don’t know who’s next in line….ask first, don’t assume!


I am a magnet for jerks  people who are in such a hurry, they make no qualms about cutting in front of me in line. I’m not sure why this always happen to me, but people seem really comfortable just stepping right in front of me as if I don’t even exist.

Now, I’m not going to get into an altercation over a place in line…but I’ve let enough people slide to where I will NEVER allow it to happen again. Especially now that I realize that it’s a problem and not just something that’s happened once or twice.

Perfect example.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store, standing in line with my butternut squash. It’s a self-checkout lane where there are check-outs on both sides but you line up in the middle and wait for the next available one.

As I’m waiting for my turn, a middle-aged Caucasian guy walks right up and stands next to an occupied register with his groceries. I glanced over at him and said as politely as I could “the line is over here.”

He said “what?” so I repeated myself “the line is over here.”

His response was a rude “I don’t care. I’ll stand wherever I want.”

Well excuuuuuuuse me!!! Chivalry was definitely dead to this fellow. I wasn’t going to argue with the misguided man, so I stood there waiting for the next available register…I was definitely getting the next one…when a cashier from the next lane over walked up and invited the rude man to checkout at his register.

Really? Whatever happened to “I can help the next customer in line over here?”

I wasn’t upset by it…I was glad the man was gone. But it did bother me that this kind of scenario seems to happen to me on occasion. It also wasn’t the first time a cashier allowed another customer to check out ahead of me even though I’d been standing in line longer.

Next time someone cuts me in line and is rude about it…I just might take out my phone and start recording or take a picture. It’s a shame that some folks are comfortable being so rude.


If you work as a cashier, make sure you’re always helping the next person in line and not just the first person you see or notice. 


Does this ever happen to you? How do you handle such rude behavior?



14 thoughts on “Cashiers Not Helping The Next Person In Line

  1. Oh, total rudeness. That man should’ve been removed from the gene pool right then and there. I can’t even imagine the audacity it takes to tell someone “I don’t care.” Unfortunately, I tend to just let things like that go unsaid as well. We need to speak up more. BTW, I still didn’t get emailed about you posting… you came up in my reader. 🙂
    Paula recently posted…Bieber LoveMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the feedback Paula! I have no idea what to do about WordPress!! It seems very unstable these days. In regards to the incident at the grocery store, I think sometimes people count on us not saying anything. But if the tables were turned I’m sure that same guy would have had no problem telling me where the end of the line was.

  2. Been there many times. And I have been on both sides of the fence on this issue-as a retail worker and as a customer. Like you I try to stand my ground to the point of glaring at someone I think is going to try something. But I stop myself from letting it escalate any further. You just never know these days what button might set someone off, so I just try to avoid conflict. But I get my digs in when I can. Recently the same sort of thing happened to me at a CVS. Other person was so antsy to get through his line that he finagled his way to the line ahead of me when I let my guard down for a minute. I was annoyed, but the next cashier called me right away. While the transaction was going on I saw that the other person had gotten stuck. Either a problem with the items scanning or something. Bottom line, I was finished before them. I couldn’t help glancing over at them until I caught their eye, hoisting my bag in the air and smirking. No words exchanged…just satisfaction on my part. That was SATISFYING!!
    Robert Doyle recently posted…Soundtrack Of A Photograph, Part 6My Profile

    1. Oh I love that Robert!! You handled that perfectly! It’s astounding the way certain people think that they are “entitled” to bypass others who’d been waiting and go straight to the front of the line. They have no shame or common courtesy for others. Glad you were able to have the last laugh…so to speak. lol

  3. Do you think that man’s mother would smack him upside of the head for that one? I would hope SO! That’s was just plain mean and rude and …well, it kinda shows what’s going on today in our society; sadly. Love this post and thank you for bringing it up; but sorry it happened to you my friend.
    Carrie Groneman recently posted…April Fools FUN!My Profile

  4. this just happen to me…I didn’t say anything until I was all done checking out, I mentioned to the cashier I had been waiting longer and it would be nice if she asked who was next and let us, the shoppers decide if we want to let someone else go in front of me…I also hate when your at the cashier and they are talking to the next cashier non stop about BS…once she didn’t even notice that the scanner wasn’t ringing up my groceries, she just kept sliding them across….that trip was a bonus for me!!!! I thought if she couldn’t be bothered to even address me, they didn’t need my money!!!!

    1. Ha! I wonder how many other people received free groceries from that cashier? She must have really been in La La land to not even notice that there was no beeping sound coming from the scanner lol

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