Bully Pours Super Glue in Girl’s Hair


There’s no doubt you’ve probably heard the saying kids can be cruel. What happened to a young teen named Hannah Combs last month is certainly nothing less than just that; cruel.  

The freshman at Harker Heights High School in Killeen, TX was hanging out with a few friends before school started when she witnessed a couple of kids playing around with a bottle of super glue. She had no idea the nightmare that would soon follow.

One of the boys poured the super glue in her hair and it felt like it was on fire. Her parents rushed her to urgent care after being picked up from school where health professionals tried removing glue from her scalp. She suffered sever chemical burns and a significant amount of hair loss. She also had to have her head shaved where portions of the glue matted into her scalp.

The bully who poured the super glue in her hair received 3 days of ISS (in school suspension). Certainly not a sufficient consequence due to the offense’s severity. Assault charges were filed against him.

He has received numerous threats via social media and his mom [ironically] is concerned for his safety. While revenge is certainly not the right course of action, physically harming another person for no good reason tends to breed anger from  family and friends of the victim.

Let’s hope he is remorseful for his actions, apologizes to Hannah, never purposely harm another human-being and pays for his assault however the law sees fit.

This will be forever etched in Hannah’s mind and possibly dipped into her subconscious. However, there’s a good possibility she will become a stronger person because of it.

How would you react if this happened to your daughter? What if it was your child that was the bully and committed the assault? Do you think the school handled this appropriately?  

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14 thoughts on “Bully Pours Super Glue in Girl’s Hair

  1. I honestly hate to read stories like this. It really pushes my annoyance buttons. Is he mentally alright? Poor girl. I hope he is handed some serious community penance to do, serving others for a while and writing a long letter of apology to that young lady. His mother ought to be ashamed of herself too , if she fails in taking the responsibility to see that her child does the right thing!

    1. Yes, he should definitely be evaluated for mental stability. I understand kids will do stupid stuff from time to time but this is beyond that…it’s downright disturbing.

  2. That is so very sad!! Sad that this happened to this girl and that she ended up being mentally and physically harmed! so sad that this person had no compass telling them it was wrong! All the way around SAD!

  3. What a terrible story. What really upsets me is just how mean we have become as a society. Yes, bad things always have and always will happen, but it seems like the way we are going about it actually gets meaner, with no cause and sometimes little consequences. 3 days suspension is a freaking joke (I’m holding out the word I really wanted to say there). The school should have set forth a larger penalty in my opinion. As to the girl I hope she is able to get past this and turn it into strength instead.

    1. Absolutely, Robert. Bad behavior is glorified in social media and sometimes, unfortunately, even modeled from parents. I have witnessed it myself. Adult bullies teach their children the same behavior through their actions. I’m not saying this boy’s parents were like this, but it happens more often then we think. Values and morals should be a part of every parent/guardians parenting method..regardless of philosophy or belief system. The Golden Rule fits all of these models.

      1. Very true. I have witnessed it myself. Parents who are bullies themselves or just frankly don’t care what their kid does so it sadly is no wonder what their kids get involved with sometimes. Very sad 🙁

  4. I hate hearing this stuff. I feel the parents of the boy should be responsible for all of medical bills of that poor girl, as well as any pain and suffering that can possibly be awarded to her. The boy, himself, should be permanently ejected from that particular school, having to leave all his friends behind. It’s a cruel world and sometimes I just hate it.

    1. That’s what Hannah’s mom said…she felt that she should not have to punish her daughter by uprooting her from the school but that the boy who did this should not be allowed back so that she doesn’t have to face him day to day. The slap on the wrist he received is unacceptable.

  5. Oh, this is so sad and I hope the girl can heal completely on all levels from all of this. What a terrible situation all around and that the boy is so troubled to do this in the first place. Tragic. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

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