On The Brink Of Civil War


The water is boiling and starting to spill out of the pot on to the burner.

Tensions are high in the United States of America…and a race war is brewing.

People who use to wear smiles and impart kind words are now angry and overflowing with hate.

No one wants what’s coming, but this train is very difficult to stop.

The mainstream media is fueling this discord, like a bully who pits two people against each other by pushing one into the other….

….over, and over again.

At some point, one will get angry and swing on the other. A real fight will break out against the two….even though the real enemy is standing right there…smirking.

Instead of fighting each other, they should have band together and whooped the crap out of the bully.

But that would have been way too easy, right?

Be careful what you allow CNN, MSNBC and Fox News to feed into your mind. They’re biased for a reason…and it’s not one-sided.

As a black woman, I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past week and a half, and how I intend to proceed to better the black community. Anything done on the micro level will also affect the macro.

While neither side is perfect, it’s disheartening to see the level of hatred and disrespect displayed amongst so many people. Surely your Mama has taught you better than that.

Or has she?

If you’ve been engaged in online battles concerning the recent controversy, I would implore you to find ways to help your community. If you’re already active in your community, try adding one more good deed to your list.

Neither you nor I want a civil war to break out, but if we don’t do something about it, then that’s exactly what we’re going to get.

And there’s no coming back from that.

Are you prepared for massive civil unrest? How will you protect your loved ones if it does?


10 thoughts on “On The Brink Of Civil War

  1. Very thoughtful Tasha, and so very true. I’m in agreement with you. Once the shootings started… again… I told James, we won’t have to worry about terrorists destroying us… we’re going to destroy each other.
    Paula recently posted…Missoula Half-MarathonMy Profile

  2. My friend this is a great and honest post from you. I’ve had discussions with people about recent events. And I do mean discussions…not half truths from the media (whichever one you watch), not memes posted on social media, but discussions. I’ve said it on my own posts but I think our global society is quicker to anger these days, and we don’t ‘do’ discussion anymore, which is why things seem to spike so quickly now. I think your suggestion is a great one, and I hope in a small way that people heed your words.
    Robert Doyle recently posted…The Book…My Profile

    1. Thank you Robert! It would just be so wonderful and beneficial if we collectively put mainstream media in time out. They are being (and have been for a very long time) very irresponsible as reporters and journalist and we all need to keep a cool head. Everyone’s future is at stake now.

  3. This is a very honest and thoughtful post Tasha that I NEEDED today. As you know my husband and I started our neighborhood dinners again. I didn’t know why we should, but I knew we were supposed to. Just as we did, the real trouble has truly opened up in our country, and I totally agree that the media and some people feed it – for whatever is their unholy agenda; I cannot understand. Our natural knee-jerk reaction is to withdraw, be afraid and stay to ourselves. I pray, at least in my little microscopic corner of the world, that my neighbors will overcome prejudices, fears and preconceived notions as they eat and visit. Maybe ONE argument, one fight, one enemy will be spared. YOUR post has opened my eyes and inspired me greatly as to why we are doing this and to keep going; as you do continually my good friend. You truly are a gift in my life and to so many. THANK YOU for your love towards all, regardless of color, race or creed. A person without guile is the choicest of all.
    Carrie Groneman recently posted…2nd Sunday Dinner – July 2016My Profile

    1. Thank you so much Carrie! Your 2nd Sundays are such an inspiration, I am amazed with how you are able to pull that off each month. You are a wonderful example of how each and every one of us can make a difference in our communities.

  4. I just don’t get it. My life experience is that the young folk are becoming more and more free of the prejudice of the past, despite sometimes longstanding generational racism. As a white woman who has had significant social interactions with those of different ethnicities, I find that just being genuine garners respect. No one likes someone who is trying to be something they’re not.
    I will always remember the time my son and I were in the WIC office with an Indian family (not native americans.) My son asked why that little boy was brown (he was around 4 or 5 at the time.) Without skipping a beat, I told him that God made people different colors because He likes variety and it makes life more interesting. I don’t get why people get so hung-up on a person’s color?!
    michelle anderson recently posted…It’s Party Time. Come Right In 💃💕🎶🌭🍹🍻🍝🍰🍦🍿📻My Profile

    1. Thank you Michelle. You handled your son’s question very well. Kids his age start noticing the differences in skin color and are curious and there’s nothing wrong with that. Parents are a huge influence when it comes to how children view people of other races, nationalities, religions, etc. Kudos to you for making that teachable moment a positive experience.

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