Breast Feeding Mom Fires at Home Intruders

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Photo Courtesy WSOCTV

Semantha Bruce, 21, lives in Charlotte, NC and is a combat medic in the National Guard. She is married with two young children.

On Nov. 5th, she was in her bedroom breastfeeding her child, when she heard knocks at the door and the doorbell ring. Soon after, a couple of men broke into her home, armed with weapons.

One of the suspects fires his weapon first, after meeting Semantha at her bedroom door. What they weren’t prepared for was return fire. It’s clear that these savages were ready to execute Semantha and her child just for being in their own home.

Semantha was unfortunately hit twice but is now recovering at home after having surgery. Her baby is safe, thanks to mom’s quick thinking and ability to neutralize the situation.

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Photo Courtesy WSOCTV

One of the suspects, Reco Latur Dawkins, Jr, 23, is in police custody after he turned himself in. The other suspect is still at large.

It’s great that this remarkable woman was prepared to protect herself and child. Had she not responded in the manner that she did I’m sure the headlines would read much different.

This will be something she never forgets and something her baby will never remember.

Original story here.

What would you do if someone broke into your home armed with weapons? How would you protect your little ones? Would you be able to respond in time?


23 thoughts on “Breast Feeding Mom Fires at Home Intruders

  1. Terrible story.I have thought about this before. I think I told you once before that I like to mentally prepare for situations. In the space under our bed we keep a baseball bat.and another one sits in the umbrella stand by the front door. In doing that mental preparation I also think about other objects that might be used to distract if something should ever happen like that. A heavy glass vase on the table…a metal pipe we use for jamming our patio door when we are away..whatever provides that momentary distraction. Though I don’t have a problem with anyone having a legally purchased gun and keeping it safely protected in their home, a gun is not something I personally want. To answer your final question, I sure hope I would be able to respond in time!

    1. NY has very strict gun laws so even if you were comfortable with firearms, it would be very difficult for you to legally obtain one. A baseball bat is a great weapon to have, but unfortunately it will do you no good against armed intruders. It is excellent that you have prepared yourself mentally for such scenarios. Some people never think about this stuff. Since you don’t own a gun, your best bet is to make sure that no one is able to get in in the first place. Since you live in NY, do you have bars on your windows and entrance doors? This would drastically reduce your need for a firearm.

      1. Good point on the bat, it is just something we have held on to. As to our place (well without divulging too much in public) our building is pretty secure, we have good locks on our door. The only other way someone could gain entry with some acrobatics is our little balcony. Which is why we put a metal pipe on the track which prevents someone opening it via the lock. Talking to you now though, I have decided that along with checking the locks every night before I go to bed, I’m going to put that in every night now. Thanks for the information as always Tasha! I just figure that with limitations one way or another for safeguarding our place, the next best bet is thinking about what you would do, which includes in a fire as well.

        1. Absolutely Robert! I’m glad you guys are well secured and that you will lock up every night. Having a fire safety plan is a smart thing to do as well! I’m thoroughly impressed!

  2. God bless her, what an amazing person. I also enjoyed reading your other comments too… make sure they can’t get in to begin with. I need to start keeping a list on what I need to do. I like the thought of a big loud scary alarm thing… think that would help scare them off if they were breaking in?

  3. this is so scary Tasha and something I think about often! I think I would get out through the window or call 911! I am not used to guns and sometimes I wish I was! What a world we live in! As you know having kids makes those fears intensified as you need to protect them. thanks for showing us things and being able to discuss! I loved those videos you had with the guys and disarming someone!! Thanks, Lynn

    1. Hey thanks Lynz!!! Not everyone is comfortable with guns but it’s best to come up with a plan for what to do in potential life threatening situations! Criminals love to prey on those they deem “helpless” and “defenseless”.

  4. My word! I am continually amazed at how brazen criminals are becoming!! What in the world did they hope to gain…Gun laws are much easier in my area luckily, but I agree that being prepared in as many ways as possible is the ultimate scenario. I admire the woman in this story to have the presence of mind to act as she did to save her life and that of her baby.

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