Boy, 4, Jumped From Car As It Was Being Stolen

This brave 4-year-old boy and his mother were visiting relatives in Stockton, CA. They were getting ready to leave but the mom went back in the house to say goodbye. Just that quick, a man hops in the running car and takes off with the little boy still in the car.

Some sources say that the man threw the little boy out of the moving car, others say the little boy jumped out on his own. It would be very difficult for a driver to toss someone out of a moving car so I’m inclined to believe the boy actually jumped on his own. Either way, he’s a brave little boy. Although he suffered from scratches and bruises, he should be OK.

This story is exactly why I gave the bad advice that I did in my last post titled “Hey… your child is in the car”. While I think it is a¬†terrible idea to leave a young child alone in a car….if you’re going to do it anyway….make sure the doors are locked!

However, your best bet is not to do it in the first place. Thieves have no problem breaking a window to get inside of a car but would probably rather have an easier target. One where the car is running and the doors are unlocked, such as this story.

I’m glad this one had a happy ending….not all are so lucky.

Original story here


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