The Beta Male In A Toxic Relationship

steve stephens and joy lane on facebook
Steve Stephens Facebook

Not all people who go through difficult times will hit a breaking point that causes them to do the unthinkable; harm or murder another person. If that were the case, we’d all be a bunch of ravenous murderers.

But there are weak links in the chain of humanity, and when those links break they tend to take other links with them.

Steve Stephens happens to be one of those weak links. He was a weak-minded, beta male with a weak approach to dealing with his problems. This is more than ironic since he was a counselor in the mental health profession.

Joy Lane Facebook

This is my message to his ex-girlfriend [that he blamed for the killing] Joy Lane:

“During this difficult time in your life I would like for you to know that what happened was not your fault. You did not cause anyone’s demise, nor should you let your ex’s actions cause you to feel any guilt.

You did the right thing by leaving him. I’m sure you’ve probably replayed in your mind over and over what could have happened to you and your children had you not. No person should ever stay with their significant other out of fear. Fear of what he may do to you, loved ones or complete strangers. That’s manipulation, not real love.

Don’t pay any attention to the Internet trolls who blamed you for what happened. These people don’t know you or anything remotely related to you other than what they see online or on TV. The online moral police spend so much time criticizing others that they don’t even realize when their own house is burning to the ground.

The fact that this so-called “man” felt the need to kill an elderly man on Facebook live is all the proof that you need to confirm that leaving him was a good decision.

It’s my hope that other people will leave their toxic relationship when there are signs that things won’t get any better.

At the end of the day, you took the necessary precautions for you and your children. You did your part.”

Condolences to 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.’s family.

Fortunately, for the beta male Steve, there are only two ways that this will end for him. He’ll either end up dead orĀ capturedĀ and sent to prison. All sympathy to his victims only.

Update: It has now been reported that Steve Stephens killed himself today after a short pursuit by police.

What causes people to take innocent lives? Why not seek help before it gets to this point?


6 thoughts on “The Beta Male In A Toxic Relationship

  1. Too much violence and cruelty in our society among men, women and children.

    My sympathies also to both of the families, including that of the mans’ who did this terrible crime who now have to overcome such a terrible legacy he has now created. Their shame, embarrassment, the harassment and terrible dark shadow they will to live, while working to change it, all because of this man’s selfish, horrible, monstrous choice to take an innocent man’s life!

    My prayers for strength, peace and God’s comforting love to the family of the man who was killed to deal in this tragic situation that they can heal, and feel love coming to them from us and countless others.

    I appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention Tasha.

    1. This is the down side of the social media live streams. You just never really know what you’re going to witness. Even broadcast live TV is not so live anymore after Janet Jackson’s superbowl innocent. There’s a 12 second delay when it comes to live TV. There really needs to be something in place to keep people from posting heinous acts like this…especially from young eyes and those who would have a difficult time after witnessing such a thing.

  2. It annoys me that this country ignores the mental health issues we have here and also ignores how deadly serious depression and mania really are. This is tragic, and sadly, I don’t see an end in sight to stories like this. You watch. They’ll poke around in his background and find he was suffering from some sort of depression or schizophrenia, or had been treated for it in the past. And he slipped right through the cracks.

    I recently watched one lady go bat-shit crazy, hallucinating, destroyed everything she owned, had no grip on reality, and all the hospital wanted to do was stabilize her and send her on her way. For six months she repeated this process, until finally her mother stepped in and said, “She needs help and I’m not taking her home until she gets it.” So sad.

    1. You bring up an excellent point. Reminds me of a docu-series I recently watched about Kalief Browder…the innocent kid that spent 3 years in solitary confinement at Rikers Island. He needed help adjusting after he was released, and although he was getting counseling it didn’t help and he ultimately took his own life.

      Sadly, I just saw an article about a shooting in Fresno. And you’re absolutely right…something needs to be done about mental health issues in this country other than just meds and lock up.

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